S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Serial number


Science fields contributed to

1592   Labram, Mr George Frederick   mechanical engineering  
1593   Lack, David   ornithology  
3262   Laessoe, Harold Henry de   See De Laessoe, Harold Henry  
1595   Laffan, Lieutenant Henry David   surveying  
1596   Lagrange, Mr J M   geology  
1597   Laidler, Dr Percy Ward   history of medicine, archaeology  
1598   Laing, Dr Gordon D   palaeo-anthropology, human anatomy  
1599   Lake, Mr Philip   palaeontology  
1600   Lamb, Mr James Dugal Cameron   plant collection  
1601   Lambert, Mr James Drummond   veterinary science  
1602   Lamchen, Dr Max   organic chemistry  
1603   Lamont, Mr William John   agriculture  
1604   Lamplugh, Mr George William   geology, physical geography, archaeology  
1606   Landsberg, A G   surveying  
77   Lane, Mr Ambrose Austin   ornithology  
1605   Lane, Captain Arthur Henry   veterinary science  
1607   Lang, Mr Herbert Otto   zoology  
1608   Lang, Dr William Dickson   palaeontology  
1609   Langford, Mr B C R   ornithology  
1610   Langley, Mr E J   shell collection  
1611   Lannin, Mr Ernest William   entomology  
1612   Lansdell, Miss Kathleen Annie   botanical illustration  
3292   Laporte, Francois Louis Nompar de Caumont   See Castelnau, Count Francois Louis de Laporte  
1613   Laschinger, Mr Edgar Jacob   engineering  
1614   Laschinger, J E   mineralogy  
1615   Laske, Dr G   insect collection  
1616   Lategan, Dr Petrus Nicolaas   chemistry  
1617   Latham, Mrs Jane   insect collection  
1618   Latour, Mr Ernest   pisciculture  
1619   Latrobe, Reverend Christian Ignatius   geographical exploration  
1620   Laubscher, Prof Franciscus Xavierus   agricultural genetics  
1621   Lauf, Prof Gordon Bertram   surveying  
1622   Laughton, Dr Elaine M (born Young)   mycology  
1623   Laughton, Mr F S   forestry  
1624   Lauth, Miss Wanda Marie Frieda   botany  
1625   Lavis, M   botany  
1626   Lawn, Professor James Gunson   mining engineering, plant collection  
1627   Lawrence, Dr Reginald Frederick   zoology  
79   Laws, Mr Harry Edwin   veterinary entomology  
1628   Lawson, Archdeacon George Mervyn   plant collection  
1629   Layard, Mr Edgar Leopold   ornithology, conchology, archaeology  
1630   Laydevant, Father Francois   plant collection, archaeology, anthropology  
1645   Le Grange, Mr Jacobus Marthinus   geology  
1657   Le May, Prof Herbert   applied mathematics  
1662   Le Riche, Dr William Harding   medical sciences, palaeontology  
1663   Le Roex, F W J   surveying  
1664   Le Roux, Prof Jean Malan   applied mathematics  
1665   Le Roux, Dr Phillipus Lodewicus   veterinary parasitology  
1672   Le Vaillant, Mr Francois   ornithology  
1631   Lea, Mr Henry Arnold Frances   entomology  
1633   Leal, Dr Jose Rodriguez Amaral)   veterinary science  
1634   Leatherland, Major Joseph   bird collection  
1635   Lebzetter, Victor   anthropology  
1636   Ledoux, Dr Charles A   entomology  
1637   Lee, Mr Clifford Walker   metallurgy  
84   Lee, Miss Dorothy Grace   botany  
1638   Lee, Mr George James   geology  
1639   Leeman, Dr Albert C   botany  
1640   Leendertz, Miss Reino   See Pott*, Mrs Reino  
1641   Lefeuvre, Dr William Philip   medical sciences, insect collection  
1642   Legat, Mr Charles Edward   forestry  
1643   Legg, Mr William Andrew   civil engineering  
1644   Leggett, Mr Thomas Haight   mining engineering  
1646   Lehfeldt, Prof Robert Alfred   physics, mathematics  
1647   Leibold, Mr Friedrich Ernst   plant collection, horticulture  
1648   Leigh, Mr George F   insect collection  
1649   Leighton, Miss Frances M   botany  
1650   Leighton, Mr James   horticulture  
1651   Leipoldt, Dr Christian Frederick Louis   medical sciences, plant collection, insect ollection  
1652   Leipoldt, Major Johann Gottlieb Wilhelm   surveying  
1653   Leipoldt, Miss Luise Frances Caroline   invertebrate collection  
1654   Leiste, Mr Christoffel Hieronimus   surveying and cartography  
1655   Leitch, Mr Donald Calder   civil engineering  
1656   Leith, Mr George   archaeology  
87   Lennox, Mr George St Leger Gordon   natural history collection  
1658   Lenz, Prof Oscar   archaeology, geology  
1659   Leppan, Prof Hubert Dudley   agriculture  
1660   Leppan, Miss Letty   insect collection  
1661   Leppan, Miss Lilly   invertebrate collection  
1667   Leslie, Mr James P   civil engineering  
1666   Leslie, Mr John Morrison   herpetology  
1668   Leslie, Mr Thomas Nicholas   palaeobotany, plant collection, meteorology  
1669   Letcher, Mr Owen   geology, mining engineering  
1670   Letty, Miss Cythna Lindenberg   botanical illustration  
1671   Letty, Mrs Josina Christina   botanical illustration  
3458   Leupold, Mr Henry   mining engineering  
1673   Levin, Prof J J   forensic medicine  
1674   Levy, Leopold Ferdinand   biochemistry  
1675   Levyns, Dr Margaret Rutherford Bryan   botany  
1676   Lewin, Dr W   bacteriology, serology  
1677   Lewis, Mr Alfred Dale   water engineering, physical geography  
1678   Lewis, Mr Frederick James   surveying and cartography  
1679   Lewis, Miss Gwendoline J   botany  
1680   Lewis, Dr Joseph   analytical chemistry  
3471   Lewis, Captain Reginald Cameron   invertebrate zoology  
3316   Leyland, Mr John   bird collection  
3492   Lichtenheld, Dr Georg   veterinary science  
1681   Lichtenstein, Dr Martin Hinrich Carl   medicine, zoology, plant collection  
1682   Liddell, Mr John M   mining engineering  
1683   Liebenberg, Cornelius D B   botany, pasture research  
1684   Liebenberg, Louis C C   agriculture, botany  
3318   Liesching, Mr Carl Friedrich   pharmacy  
3317   Liesching, Dr Carl Ludwig Wilhelm   medicine  
1685   Liesching, Dr Friedrich Ludwig   medical sciences  
1686   Lightfoot, Major Ben   geology  
1687   Lightfoot, Mr Robert Mark   invertebrate collection  
1688   Lighton, Mr Norman Charles Kingsley   bird artist  
1692   Lincke, Mr Otto   horticulture, plant collection  
1689   Lind, Dr James   astronomy, plant collection  
1690   Linder, Prof G C   chemical pathology  
1691   Lindsay, Mr Eric Mervyn   astronomy  
1693   Linley, Mr John Stanley   plant collection  
1694   Linton, Mr John   physics  
1695   Linton, Mr Robert   metallurgy  
3373   Lisboa, Joao de   geography  
1696   Lister, Dr Sir Frederick Spencer   medical research  
1697   Lister, Mr Joseph Storr   forestry  
1698   Littledale, Major Harold A P   ornithology  
3319   Littlewood, Mr Edward Thornton   mathematics  
1699   Livingstone, Dr David   geographical exploration  
1700   Lloyd, Mr Frederick John   meteorological observations  
1702   Lloyd Davies, Mr David Ernest   civil engineering  
1703   Loevy, Dr Julius   analytical and metallurgical chemistry  
1704   Lofts, Mr H F   chemistry  
1705   Logan, Mr John Alexander   mining engineering  
1706   Logeman, Prof Willem Hendrik   physics, atmospheric physics  
1707   Lomas, Mr Joseph   geology  
1708   Lombaard, Mr Andries Frederik   prospecting  
1709   Lombaard, Prof Bernard Vermeulen   geology  
1710   Lombard, Mr David J   meteorology  
1711   Long, Mr Arthur William   astronomy  
1712   Long, Dr Edward Charles   fossil collection, medicine  
1713   Long, F R   botany  
3432   Longden, Mr William Matthias   meteorological observation  
1714   Loseby, Ethel Dorothy   botany  
1715   Lotsy, J P   botany  
1716   Lotz, Dr Heinrich   geology  
1717   Loubser, Mr Matthys Michiel   mechanical engineering  
1718   Louis, Mr Henry   mining engineering, metallurgy  
1719   Lounsbury, Mr Charles Pugsley   entomology  
1720   Loureiro, Mr Joao de   botany  
1721   Louw, Prof Adriaan Johannes   agriculture  
1722   Louw, Mr Jac G   agriculture  
1723   Louw, Dr Wynand J   botany  
1724   Loveday, Mr Richard Kelsey   surveying and cartography  
1725   Lowe, Dr Clarence van Riet   archaeology  
1726   Lowe, Mr William Cecil   veterinary science  
89   Lowinger, Mr Victor Alexander   surveying, astronomy  
1730   Lubbert, Dr Anton   See Luebbert, Dr Anton  
1728   Luckhoff, Dr Carl August   botany, medical sciences  
1729   Ludwig, Baron Carl Ferdinand Heinrich von   botany, zoological collection  
1727   Luebbert, Dr Anton   bird collection, plant collection, medicine  
3320   Lugard, Mrs Charlotte Eleanor   See Lugard, Major Edward James  
3321   Lugard, Major Frederick John Dealtry   See Lugard, Major Edward James  
1731   Lugard, Major Edward James   botany  
1732   Lundie, Mr A E   entomology  
1733   Lundie, Mr Marshall   agricultural chemistry  
1734   Lunt, Dr Joseph   astronomy, spectroscopy  
1735   Lurie, Miss Rebecca Leah   mycology  
1736   Luschan, Prof Felix von   anthropology  
1737   Lutjeharms, Prof Wilhelm Jan   mycology  
1738   Luttman-Johnson, Mr Hugh Michell   geology  
1739   Lycett, Mr James   zoological collection  
1740   Lydekker, Mr Richard   palaeontology, mammalogy  
1741   Lyle, Prof Alice   zoology, palaeontology  
1742   Lyle, Mr James   meteorology, atmospheric physics  
1743   Lyle, Dr John Vacy   medical sciences  
1744   Lynes, Rear Admir Hubert   ornithology  
1745   Lys, Mr John Robert   meteorological observation