S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

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1746   Maack, Dr Reinhard   geology, physical geography, archaeology  
1748   Maberly, Dr John Frederick   pharmacology, medicine  
1750   Macartney, Dr Henry E   advancement of science  
1751   Macaulay, Dr Donald   medical sciences  
3433   Macco, Mr Albrecht   geology  
1759   Macdonald, Mr Archibald Campbell   agriculture  
1762   MacDonald, Dr William   agriculture  
1763   Macé, Mr Jean   plant collection  
1764   Macer, Mr Lionel William   geology  
1765   Macfarlane, Mr Malcolm   poultry farming  
1768   MacGillivray, Mr John   plant collection  
1770   MacGregor, Dr Alexander Miers   geology, palaeontology, archaeology  
1773   Machado, General Joaquim Jose   geography, surveying  
1775   MacIver, Mr David Randall   See Randall-MacIver, Mr David  
1779   MacKenzie, Prof Alexander Herbert   mathematics  
1780   MacKenzie, Mr James   civil engineering  
1781   MacKenzie, Mr Theodore   astronomy  
1782   Mackie, Prof Thomas Jones   bacteriology  
1785   Mackrill, Dr Joseph   botany, pharmacology  
1789   MacLean, Mr Lachlan   pisciculture  
1790   Maclear, Mr George William Herschel   astronomy  
1791   Maclear, Sir Thomas   astronomy, geodesy, meteorology, geography  
1797   MacMillan, Mr Ewen Judson   agriculture  
1801   MacOwan, Prof Peter   botany  
1802   MacRobert, Mr George Findlay   meteorological observation  
1803   Macvicar, Dr Neil   public health  
1804   Mader, Mr Philippus Albertus   plant collection  
1805   Maidment, Mr Charles   geology  
1806   Main, Prof James   mathematics  
1807   Mair, Mr Alexander   surveying and cartography  
1809   Maire, Mr Louis Anton H   natural history collection  
1812   Malan, Dr David Edward   invertebrate zoology  
1816   Malherbe, Prof Daniël Francois du Toit   chemistry  
1818   Malherbe, Prof Izak de Villiers   agricultural chemistry  
3246   Malherbe, Prof Willem Daniel   veterinary medicine  
1819   Malherbe, Prof Willem Eliza   physics  
1820   Mally, Mr Charles William   entomology  
1821   Mally, Mr Lugwig   invertebrate collection  
3434   Mann, Mr G   insect collection  
1822   Mann, Dr Robert James   meteorology, geology  
1823   Mann, Mr William   astronomy  
1824   Marais, Mr Eugène Nielen   natural history  
1825   Marais, Major Isaac Pieter   veterinary science  
1826   Marais, Dr Jacobus Francois   viticulture)  
1829   Marais, Mr Johan van Oosterzee   ornithology  
1831   Marchand, Dr Bernard de Coligny   chemistry  
1833   Marchant, Mrs E E   insect collection  
1837   Marks, Mr Herbert Tristman   engineering  
1841   Marloth, Prof Hermann Wilhelm Rudolf   botany, chemistry  
1842   Marquard, Mr Leopold   surveying  
1843   Marriott, Mr Hugh Frederick   mining engineering  
1844   Marriott, Mr William Edward   plant collection, horticulture  
1846   Marshall, Mr Alexander   museum curation  
1848   Marshall, Sir Guy Anstruther Knox   entomology  
1849   Marshall, Mr Henry Edmund   bird collection  
3435   Marshall, Miss J   meteorological observation  
1850   Marshall, Mr John   meteorology  
1851   Marth, Mr Albert   astronomy  
1853   Martin, Mr James   chemistry, mathematics  
1854   Martin, Mr P D   archaeology  
1855   Martin, Prof William Blair Morton   pathology  
1857   Martinaglia, Dr Giovanni   veterinary hygiene, medical sciences  
1858   Mason, Mr Charles   astronomy  
1859   Mason, Mr Hugh Churchill   astronomy, civil engineering  
1860   Mason, Dr John Huxley   bacteriology  
1861   Mason, Mr William Grice   agriculture  
1862   Masson, Mr Francis   botany  
1863   Masson, Mr John Leslie   cartography  
1865   Mathews, Mr Joseph William   horticulture  
1866   Matthews, Prof Arthur   mathematics  
1867   Mauch, Mr Karl   geology, geographical exploration  
1868   Maufe, Mr Herbert Brantwood   geology, archaeology  
1869   Maury, Miss Carlotta Joaquina   geology, palaeontology  
93   Maxwell, Dr William Henry   obstetrics and gynaecology  
1871   Maxwell-Edwards, Mr William   See Edwards, Mr William Maxwell  
1872   May, Dr Aylmer William   bacteriology, medicine  
1873   May, Staff-Comm Daniel John   meteorology  
1874   Mayer, Mr Clemens   viticulture  
1875   Maynard, Dr G A   veterinary science  
1876   Maynard, Dr George Darell   medical sciences  
3322   McBean, Mr John   shell collection  
1753   McBlaine, Mr J   electrical engineering  
1754   McCabe, Mr Joseph   plant collection  
1752   McCaw, Captain George Tyrrell   geodesy  
1756   McClean, Mr Frank   astronomy  
1757   McCrae, Dr John   analytical chemistry  
1758   McDonald, Mr Alexander L   advancement of science  
1760   McDonald, Mr David Paterson   geology  
3323   McDowell, Mr Benjamin Francis   shell collection  
1767   McGibbon, Mr James   botany  
1769   McGowan, Mr James   statistics  
3324   McIntosh, Prof William Carmichael   marine invertebrate zoology  
1774   McIntyre, Mr Donald Glenoe   astronomy  
1776   McKay, Mr George R   archaeology, palaeontology, geology  
1778   McKen, Mr Mark Johnston   botany, horticulture  
1787   McLea, Mr John Hunter   horticulture, plant collection  
1795   McMaster, Mr Joseph Emile Patrick   geography  
1796   McMillan, Prof Duncan   mechanical engineering  
1800   McNaughton, Mr Colin Beddoes   forestry  
1878   Meadows, Lieutenant William   astronomy  
3402   Medley-Wood, Mr John   See Wood, Mr John Medley  
1880   Meier, Dr H   veterinary bacteriology  
1882   Meiring, Mr Izak Petrus van Heerden   meteorological observation, invertebrate collection, pharmacology  
1883   Meister, Mr Georg   plant collection  
3314   Melle, Dr George James McCarthy   medicine  
1884   Melle, Mr Henry Augustus   agrostology  
1885   Mellor, Dr Edward Thomas   geology  
1886   Melvill, Mr Edward Harker Vintcent   surveying  
1887   Melvill, Mr George   metallurgy  
1888   Melvill, Mr Samuel   surveying  
1889   Melvin, Dr Alexander   medical sciences  
108   Menmuir, Mr Robert William   civil engineering  
1891   Mennell, Mr Frederic Philip   geology, archaeology  
1892   Mentzel, Mr Otto Friedrich   geography  
1893   Menyharth, Father Ladislau   plant collection, meteorology  
1895   Menzies, Dr Archibald   plant collection  
1898   Merensky, Dr Alexander Anton Bertholdt   cartography  
1899   Merensky, Mr Hans   geology  
1902   Mesham, Prof Paul   physics  
3372   Mesquita Perestrelo, Manuel de   geographical exploration  
1903   Messum, Dr Gordon Bonnington Willie   medical sciences  
1904   Metcalfe, Sir Charles Herbert Theophilus   civil engineering  
1905   Methuen, Lord Paul Ayshford   zoology  
1906   Methven, Mr Cathcart William   marine engineering  
1907   Mettam, Prof Richard William Morrison   veterinary science  
3329   Meyer, Luise   See Meyer, Reverend Louis Gottlieb  
1908   Meyer, Mr Charles Edward   metallurgy  
1911   Meyer, Dr Heinrich Bernhard Wilhelm   plant collection, reptile collection  
1912   Meyer, Dr Karl Friedrich   veterinary bacteriology  
1913   Meyer, Reverend Louis Gottlieb   plant collection, insect collection  
1914   Meyrick, Mr Edward   entomology  
1915   Michaelsen, Lieut. Heinrich   geomorphology  
1916   Michaelsen, Prof. Wilhelm   zoology  
1917   Michell, Lt-Col Charles Cornwallis   surveying, civil engineering  
112   Michell, Mr F.H.   See Mitchell, Mr F.H.  
1918   Michell, Miss Margaret R B   See Levyns, Dr Margaret Rutherford Bryan  
1920   Mill, Dr Hugh Robert   meteorology  
1921   Millar, Mr Alfred Duchesne   ornithology, insect collection  
1922   Millar, Mr Harold Martel   ornithology  
1923   Miller, Mr Edward H   insect collection  
1924   Miller, Mr Harry William   mechanical engineering  
1927   Miller, Mr Thomas   plant collection  
1928   Millin, Mr David   metallurgy, analytical chemistry  
1930   Milne, Mr John   civil engineering  
1931   Milne, Prof John   seismology  
1932   Milne, Mr William   invertebrate zoology  
1934   Mitchell, David Thomas   veterinary science  
117   Mitchell, Mr F.H.   electrical engineering  
1936   Mitchell, Dr James Alexander   public health  
1935   Mitchell, Dr John Charles   bacteriology  
1937   Moffat, Mr Robert jnr   geology, geography, cartography, reptile collection  
1938   Mogg, Dr Albert Oliver Dean   botany, archaeology  
1940   Mohr, Mr Eduard   exploration, surveying  
1941   Moir, Dr James   chemistry, astronomy  
1942   Molengraaff, Prof Gustaaf Adolf Frederik   geology  
1943   Molyneux, Mr Arthur John Charles   geology, palaeontology, archaeology  
1944   Molyneux, Mr William   geology, archaeology  
1945   Monk, Mr Charles James   electrical engineering  
1946   Mönnig, Prof Hermann Otto   veterinary parasitology  
1947   Monro, Mr C F H   botany  
1948   Monson, Lady Anne   plant collection, insect collection  
3327   Monteiro, Major Joachim John   natural history  
3328   Monteiro, Mrs Rose   natural history  
1949   Montgomery, Mr Robert Eustace   veterinary science  
1950   Moodie, Mr George Pigot   surveying  
1952   Moore, Cunninghame Wilson   See Wilson-Moore, Mr Cunninghame  
1953   Moore, Mr Robert   veterinary science  
1954   Moore, Dr William   entomology  
1955   Moorrees, Mr Adriaan   surveying  
1956   Morant, Mr Walter   entomology  
1957   Moreillon, Monsieur Eric   plant collection  
1958   Morgan, Mr Conwy Lloyd   zoology  
1961   Moritz, Prof Dr Eduard   geography  
1962   Morrell, Captain Benjamin   geographical exploration  
1963   Morris, Mr Herbert Stanley   botany  
3436   Morris, Prof John   palaeontology  
1964   Morris, Mr Percival Darter   zoological collection  
1965   Morris, Colonel William George   geodesy  
1966   Morrison, Mr Charles William   insect collection  
1968   Morrison, Prof John Todd   physics  
1969   Morton, Mr Pierce   geophysics  
3484   Moseley, Major Frederick Arthur Dudley Harris   mining chemistry  
1970   Moseley, Prof Henry Nottidge   invertebrate zoology, botany  
1972   Moss, Prof Charles Edward   botany  
1974   Moszeik, Dr Otto   archaeology  
1975   Mouillefert, Prof Pierre   viticulture  
1976   Moulle, Mr Adrian   geology  
1978   Mouritz, Mr Leoffn Beresford   ornithology  
3362   Mudd, Mr Christopher   plant collection  
3496   Mudd, Dr Frank Burnand   anaesthesiology, surgery  
1980   Muir, Dr John   botany, shell collection  
1982   Muir, Dr Sir Thomas   mathematics  
1984   Muller, Mr John   analytical chemistry  
1985   Mund, Mr Johannes Ludwig Leopold   plant collection  
1986   Mundy, Major Hugh Godfrey   agriculture, plant collection  
1987   Munn, Captain Lewis Alfred   meteorological observation  
1990   Murray, Mr Alfred Everitt   geology, surveying  
1991   Murray, Prof Charles   mathematics  
1992   Murray, Dr Charles Frederick Kennan   medical sciences  
1996   Murray, Dr John   medical sciences  
1997   Murray, Mr Myles Thornton   chemistry, metalllurgy  
3438   Mursell, Dr Henry Temple   surgery, urology  
2000   Muskett, Dr Edwin Burrell   plant collection, medicine