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Monro, Mr C F H (botany)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

C.F.H. Monro, a plant collector who resided in Bulawayo, became a member of the Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Scientific Association in 1900, the year after its formation. He served on the association's council in 1906/7. On 7 February 1906 he read a paper on "Grasses in Rhodesia" before its members. The paper was published in the Proceedings (Vol. 6, pp. 5-18) with several appendices (pp. 33-72) containing a descriptive list of grasses, their vernacular names, their classification, and a bibliography. Two years later Monro compiled an extensive paper entitled "Some indigenous trees of Southern Rhodesia; being a compilation from various sources of their native and other vernacular names together with a short description of each ". This paper was also published in the association's Proceedings (1908, Vol. 8, whole Part 2, pp. 1-123). Around 1906-1907 he corresponded with Sir David Prain, the director of Kew Gardens, and sent him some bulbs. He was still active in 1917.

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