S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
Surnames starting with J:


Serial number


Science fields contributed to

1393   Jack, Mr John Noble   agriculture  
1394   Jack, Mr Rupert Wellstood   entomology  
1395   Jackson, Prof Cecil   veterinary anatomy  
1398   Jackson, Mr Henry   bird collection  
1399   Jackson, Colonel Hugh Milbourne   surveying  
1400   Jackson, Mr John Wallace   astronomy  
1402   Jackson, Capt Lambert Cameron   surveying  
1403   Jackson, Surgn-Maj Robert William   veterinary science, medical sciences  
1405   Jackson, Mr William Bramley   astronomy  
43   Jacobs, Mr Albert Michael   electrical engineering  
1409   Jacoby, Dr Harold   astronomy  
1410   Jacot, Lt Edouard   physics  
1413   Jacottet, Miss Hélène Alice   plant collection  
1414   Jacubowa, Lydia   invertebrate zoology  
1415   Jaeger, Prof Dr Friedrich Robert   geography, geology  
44   Jaeger, Prof Dr Fritz   See Jaeger, Prof Dr Friedrich Robert  
1416   Jager, Prof Dr Friedrich Robert   See Jaeger, Prof Dr Friedrich Robert  
1417   James, Mr Alfred   metallurgy  
1418   James, Mr Hubert William   ornithology  
1420   Jameson, Dr Henry Lyster   biology, zoology  
1421   Jameson, Mr James Sligo   bird collection, insect collection  
1422   Jameson, Staff-Surg Lawrence   geology, palaeontology  
1423   Jameson, Mr Robert   plant collection  
1424   Jamieson, Mr James Sprunt   chemistry  
1426   Janisch, Miss Edna Pauline   See Plumstead, Dr Edna Paulin  
1427   Janse, Prof Antonie Johannes Theodorus   entomology  
1429   Jansen, Mr Francois Johannes   archaeology  
1430   Jardine, Mr Walter   shell collection  
1431   Jarman, Mr Frank   meteorological observations, forestry  
3245   Jarvis, Dr Edmund Mullinger   veterinary science  
1433   Jeffery, Mr G W   insect collection  
1436   Jelinek, Mr Anton   plant collection  
1437   Jenkins, Mr Thomas James Pearce   plant collection  
1438   Jennings, Mr Arthur Cyril   meteorology, civil engineering  
3508   Jennings, Mr Edward Alfred   physics, electrical engineering  
1439   Jennings, Mr James Hennen   mining engineering  
1441   Jennings, Mr Sidney Johnston   mining engineering  
1444   Jeppe, Mr Friedrich Heinrich (Fred)   geology, geography, cartography  
1445   Jerram, Mr Edward Jenner   geology  
3499   Joao de Lisboa,   See Lisboa, Joao de  
50   Johnson, Mr E L   astronomy  
1447   Johnson, Mr Edward H   metallurgy  
1448   Johnson, Mr Francis Robert   hydrology  
1449   Johnson, Dr George Lindsay   ophthalmology  
1450   Johnson, Mr James Paul   geology, archaeology  
3385   Johnson, Lieutenant Manuel John   astronomy  
1451   Johnson, Mr Thomas   mining engineering  
1452   Johnson, Dr William   geology, medical sciences  
1453   Johnston, Mr Archibald McArthur   metallurgy  
1454   Johnston, Dr Charles   public health  
1455   Johnston, Mr Charles McGarel   agriculture, ornithology  
1456   Johnston, Major Samuel Irvine   veterinary science  
1457   Jolly, Prof William Adam Tasker   physiology  
1458   Jollyman, Mr Walter Henry   bacteriology  
1459   Jones, Reverend Charles Earp   meteorological observation  
1462   Jones, Josephus   cartography  
1463   Jones, Reverend Neville   archaeology, entomology  
1464   Jones, Justice Sydney Twentyman   archaeology  
1466   Jones, Prof Thomas Rupert   geology, palaeontology  
1467   Jones, Mr W E   invertebrate zoology, archaeology  
1470   Jordan, Mr Edwin Knowles   shell collection, egg collection  
1471   Jorissen, Mr Eduard Johan Pieter jnr   geology  
1472   Joseph, Mr Frank Henry   bacteriology  
1474   Joubert, Mr Gideon   fungi collection  
1475   Joubert, Miss Hester Susanna   plant collection  
1476   Joubert, Prof Jozua Malherbe   chemistry  
1477   Joubert, Mr M J   agriculture  
1479   Jourdan, Mr Charles Jacob Nicholas   mining engineering, economic geology  
1480   Jowett, Mr Walter   veterinary science  
1482   Juby, Mr S   natural history  
1483   Julian, Mr Henry Forbes   metallurgy  
1484   Junius, Mr Johan Hendrik   geography  
1485   Junod, Reverend Henri Alexandre   anthropology, entomology, botany, meteorology  
1486   Jupp, Mr B E   bird collection  
1487   Jurisch, Mr Carl Leopold Heinrich Max   surveying  
1488   Juritz, Dr Charles Frederick   analytical and agricultural chemistry