S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
Surnames starting with C:


Serial number


Science fields contributed to

442   Cairncross, Mr James Lilburne   fossil collection, archaeology  
443   Caldecott, Dr William Arthur   metallurgy, chemistry  
3481   Calder, Mr W   mechanical engineering  
444   Calderwood, Mr James Macdonald   mining engineering, archaeology  
445   Callander, Mr James   forestry  
3413   Calman, Dr William Thomas   marine invertebrate zoology  
446   Cambridge, Rev Octavius Pickard   See Pickard-Cambridge, Reverend Octavius  
447   Cameron, Rev James   meteorology  
3414   Cameron, Mr John   agriculture  
448   Cameron, Mr Peter   entomology  
450   Cammack, Mr John   veterinary science  
3470   Campbell, Mr Charles William Rea   electrical engineering  
452   Campbell, Mr John Alexander   inorganic chemistry  
454   Canham, Dr Anthony South   veterinary infectious diseases  
3285   Cao, Captain Diogo   geographical exploration  
457   Carleton-Jones, Guy   See Jones, Mr Guy Carleton  
458   Carlson, Mr Knut Alexander   forestry  
459   Carmichael, Captain Dugald   geology, botany  
461   Carrick, Dr James Taylor   geology, metallurgy  
462   Carter, Mr Thomas Lane   mining engineering, metallurgy  
463   Casalis, Dr George Arnaud   medicine  
464   Case, Prof Emine Cowles   palaeontology  
465   Cashmore, Mr Montague   mathematics  
466   Castelnau, Count Francois Louis de Laporte de   ichthyology, herpetology, geology  
467   Castilho Barreto e Noronna, Mr Augusto Vidal de   meteorology, geography  
3415   Cavendish, Mr H S H   bird collection  
469   Cawston, Dr Frederick Gordon   medicine, zoology  
3286   Cecil, Mrs Evelyn   See Cecil, Mrs Alicia Margaret  
471   Cecil, Mrs Alicia Margaret   plant collection  
472   Cellier, Prof Jacobus Stephanus   mining engineering  
473   Celliers, Dr Isaac Bisseux   geology  
474   Challis, Mr Edward Orsmond   animal science  
475   Chalmers, Mr James   veterinary science  
476   Chalmers, Mr John Alexander   mining engineering, geology  
477   Chalwin, Mr Henry James   plant collection, horticulture  
478   Chambers, Mr Arthur Leo   mining engineering  
479   Chamisso, Mr Adelbert von   botany  
480   Champion, Rev George   geology, physical geography  
481   Chandler, Mr N W   agricultural engineering, meteorological observation  
482   Chaper, Mr Maurice Armand   geology  
483   Chaplin, Mr John Gauntlett   conchology  
484   Chapman, Mr Frederick   palaeontology, geology  
485   Chapman, Mr James   geographical exploration  
486   Charters, Prof Robert Hearn   civil engineering  
487   Charters, Major Samuel   geology  
488   Chase, Mr John Centlivres   geography, cartography  
3045   Chase, Mr Norman Centlivers   plant collection  
489   Chase, Mr William Henry   veterinary disease control  
3416   Cheesman, Mr William Norwood   fungus collection  
490   Cheng Ho,   See Zheng He, Admiral  
3417   Chennells, Miss Doris   plant collection  
491   Cherry, Miss Ellen Mary   plant collection, insect collection  
493   Chevallier, Mr Edgcumbe   archaeology  
494   Chew, Dr William Roger   entomology, medical sciences  
495   Child, J H   hydrography  
496   Childe, Prof Rev George Frederick   mathematics  
497   Choles, Mr Herbert John   agriculture, geography  
499   Christol, Frédéric   plant collection  
500   Christy, Dr James McNab   veterinary Science  
501   Chubb, Mr Ernest Charles   ornithology, mammalogy, archaeology  
502   Chun, Prof Carl   biology  
503   Churchill, Mr Frank Oliver Fleetwood   geology  
504   Chute, Dr Henry Macready   medicine, advancement of science  
506   Cillie, Mr Petrus Johannes   pomology  
511   Clark, Mr Allen J   metallurgy  
512   Clark, Mr E L   insect collection  
2937   Clark, Mr George Muirhead   electrical engineering  
514   Clark, Prof Hugh   electrical engineering  
3239   Clark, Prof Richard C.   veterinary physiology  
515   Clark, Mr Robert Charles Graham   electrical engineering  
516   Clark, Dr William Gladstone   medical sciences  
517   Clark, Mr William Henry   civil engineering, mechanical engineering  
519   Clarke, Reverend William Branwhite   geology  
520   Claudius, Mr Heinrich   plant collection, botanical and zoological illustration  
521   Claxton, Mr Thomas Folkes   meteorology  
1701   Clayden, Mr Harold William   electrical engineering, mechanical engineeing  
3012   Cleghorne, Dr William Shaw Hamilton   agricultural engineering  
522   Clement, Mr J   electrical engineering  
523   Clennell, Mr John Edward   chemistry, metallurgy  
524   Clerk, Lieutenant Henry   geomagnetism  
202   Clerke, Miss Agnes Mary   astronomy  
3287   Cleve, Professor Per Theodor   marine biology  
525   Cleverly, Mr John James   meteorological observation, botany  
526   Cloete, Mr Daniel   viticulture  
527   Cloete, Dr Jacob Hendrik Lorrimer   veterinary anatomy  
528   Cloete, Mr Pieter   cartography  
529   Cloos, Prof Hans   geology  
530   Close (later Arden-Close), Major Charles Frederick   surveying  
533   Cobley, Mr Walter Henry   cartography, civil engineering  
534   Cochrane, Lieutenant Robert Cecil   veterinary science  
535   Cock, Mr Cornelius   fossil collection  
536   Cock, Mr James Netherton   archaeology  
2195   Cockerell, Prof Theodore Dru Alison   entomology  
538   Codrington, Mr Thomas   archaeology, geology  
540   Cogan, Dr Eric Sydney Earle   entomology  
542   Cohen, Prof Emil Wilhelm   geology  
543   Cole, Prof Grenville Arthur James   geology  
544   Coleman, Dr Arthur Philemon   geology  
3240   Coles, Prof John Douglas Walters Alliston   poultry diseases  
545   Coley, Mr John Thomas   veterinary science  
550   Collinge, Dr Walter Edward   invertebrate zoology  
551   Collings, Mr Burton Ireland   mining engineering  
552   Collins, Major Ernest Rokeby   archaeology  
553   Collins, Mr Henry Ramsay   civil engineering, geology  
554   Collins, Miss Maria Carolina   plant collection, insect collection  
3288   Collins, Mr Ramsay   See Collins, Mr Henry Ramsay  
556   Colson, Mr Richard   archaeology  
559   Comrie, Dr Peter   archaeology  
560   Conacher, Mr Peter   veterinary science  
561   Connolly, Major Matthew William Kemble   conchology  
564   Conrath, Mr Paul   plant collection  
565   Constancon, Mr Charles John Marc   mathematics  
3371   Coode, Sir John   harbour engineering  
567   Cook, Mr George Estell   pharmacology, plant collection  
566   Cook, Mr George Wood   geology  
568   Cook, Mr R T Ludlow   meteorological observation  
569   Cooke, Mr A T   entomology  
571   Cooke, Mr R C H   economic geology  
572   Cookson, Mr Bryan   astronomy  
574   Cooper, Mr Arnold W   biology  
2235   Cooper, Mr Harry Claude Lee   lighthouse engineering  
578   Cooper, Mr Thomas   plant collection  
579   Cooper and nephews,   veterinary science  
582   Cornish-Bowden, Mr Athelstan Hall   surveying  
583   Cornu, Prof Marie) Maxime   viticulture  
584   Corstorphine, Prof George Steuart   geology  
585   Cory, Prof George Edward   chemistry  
587   Court, Mr Philip Walthen   veterinary science  
589   Cousens, Mr Richard Lewis   mineralogy, electrical engineering  
592   Cousins, Mr R L   See Cousens, Mr Richard Lewis  
3418   Coutts, Dr John Morton Sim   veterinary bacteriology  
595   Cowell, Mr John Ray   engineering  
596   Cox, Mr George Walter   meteorology  
597   Cox, Mr Walter Hubert   astronomy  
598   Craib, Prof James   meteorology, atmospheric physics  
2404   Craig, Mr Edward Hubert Cunningham   See Cunningham-Craig, Mr Edward Hubert  
600   Craig, Mr William   civil engineering  
602   Crawford, Mr David Chalmers   agricultural chemistry  
603   Crawford, Mr James   conchology, palaeontology  
604   Crawford, Prof Lawrence   mathematics  
605   Crawford, Mr William Frederick   civil engineering  
606   Crawley, Mr Vicary Gibbs   botany  
608   Cregoe, Mr John P   insect collection, spider collection  
769   Crichton, Mr Charles   analytical chemistry  
610   Crick, Mr George Charles   palaeontology  
612   Croghan, Mr Edward Henry   chemistry  
613   Cronwright, Mr Samuel Cron   See Cronwright-Schreiner, Mr Samuel Cron  
614   Cronwright-Schreiner, Mr Samuel Cron   zoology  
615   Crookes, Dr Sir William   physical chemistry  
616   Crosley, Mr William   meteorology  
3289   Crosly, Mr J   snail collection  
617   Crosse, Mr Andrew Frederick   chemistry, metallurgy  
3455   Crossley, Mrs Alice   shell collection  
618   Crowhurst, James William   veterinary science  
619   Cruden, Mr Frank   arachnology, natural history  
620   Cullen, Dr William   chemical technology  
621   Culver, Mr W   plant collection  
622   Cumming, Mr Roualeyn George Gordon   zoological exploration, bird egg collection  
623   Cummins, Dr Henry Alfred   meteorology, botany  
624   Cunningham-Craig, Mr Edward Hubert   geology  
625   Curle, Mr James Herbert   geology  
626   Currie, Mr James   geology  
627   Curson, Prof Herbert Henry   veterinary science, veterinary history  
628   Curtis, Mr Alfred Harper   metallurgy  
629   Curtis, Mr Joseph Story   geology