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Codrington, Mr Thomas (archaeology, geology)

Born: 1828, Wroughton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.
Died: 1918, Place not known.
Active in: Zim.

Thomas Codrington, British geologist, engineer and antiquarian, was a member of the (British) Institution of Civil Engineers and a Fellow of the Geological Society of London. In 1908 he stayed at Livingstone, in present Zambia, for four months during which he made observations of the Zambezi River for a few kilometers above and below the Victoria Falls. In an article entitled 'Some notes on the neighbourhood of the Victoria Falls (Rhodesia)' in the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London (1909) he stressed the age of the Early Stone Age implements in archaeological deposits near the Falls. He described the position of the various deposits along the Zambesi River near the falls and presented evidence that the stone artefacts may have been washed down by tributary streams, rather than deposited in the bed of the Zambesi by humans when the river was still flowing at veld height below the present falls.

In 1888 Codrington was an engineering inspector of the Local Government Board in Britain. He published two successful books: The maintenance of macadamised roads (1879, 1892), and Roman roads in Britain (1903, 1905, 1918, 1919, 1928). His geological papers included 'On the superficial deposits of the south of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight' (1870) and 'On some submerged rock-valleys in South Wales, Devon, and Cornwall', both in the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London.

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