S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Serial number


Science fields contributed to

1372   Impey, Dr Samuel Patton   medicine, radiology  
1373   Impey, Mr William   insect collection  
1374   Inggs, Mr Alfred Redvers   chemistry  
1375   Inggs, Mr Herbert   meteorological observation  
1376   Ingham, Mr William   civil engineering  
1377   Ingle, Mr Herbert   agricultural chemistry  
1378   Ingle, Captain John Clifton   ornithology  
1379   Ingram, Dr Alexander   medical entomology  
1380   Inman, Mr C D   civil engineering  
1381   Innes, Prof James Rose   mathematics  
42   Innes, Mr John   mine surveying  
1382   Innes, Mr Robert Thorburn Ayton   astronomy, meteorology  
1383   Irniger, Mr M   archaeology  
1387   Irvine, Hugh M   civil engineering  
1385   Irvine, L O F   botany, agriculture  
1384   Irvine, Dr Louis Godfrey   medical sciences  
3359   Irvine-Smith, Colonel James   veterinary science  
1386   Irving, H E   insect collection  
1388   Isaac, William E   botany  
1389   Israelstam, Prof S S   chemistry  
1390   Itier, Mr Jules   geology  
1391   Iversen, Mr Hans   plant collection  
1392   Ivy, Mr Robert Henry   ornithology