S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
Surnames starting with F:


Serial number


Science fields contributed to

898   Fairbridge, Mr Charles Aiken   advancement of science  
899   Fairmaire, Mr Léon Marc Herminie   entomology  
900   Falcon, Mr William   shell collection  
903   Fallows, Reverend Fearon   astronomy  
904   Fannin, Mr George Fox   plant collection  
905   Fannin, Miss Marianne Edwardine   plant collection  
906   Fantham, Prof Harold Benjamin   protozoology, parasitology, human biology  
907   Farini, Mr Gilarmi Antonio   geography, plant collection  
908   Farquhar, Mr John   shell collection, fossil collection  
3482   Farrar, Mr Edward   mechanical engineering  
909   Farrar, Mr Sidney Howard   civil engineering  
910   Faure, Prof Jacobus Christian   entomology  
3472   Fawcett, Miss Philippa Garrett   mathematics  
912   Fayrer, Mr James   astronomy  
913   Feilden, Colonel Henry Wemyss   archaeology, ornithology  
914   Feistmantel, Dr Ottokar   geology, palaeobotany  
915   Feldtmann, Mr William Robert   metallurgical engineering  
916   Feltham, Mr Henry Louis Langley   insect collection  
3   Fenoulhet, Dr James Peter   zoological collection  
918   Fergus, Dr John   fossil collection  
3297   Ferguson, Miss Abbie Park   meteorological observation  
5   Fergusson, Mr Malcolm   economic geology  
3298   Fernando, Mr F C   botany, forestry  
921   Filmer, Mrs Agnes Mary   shell collection  
922   Finch-Davies, Lieutenant Claude Gibney   ornithology  
923   Fincham, Mr George Hilson Halliburton   geomagnetism  
926   Finlay, Prof William Henry   astronomy, meteorology  
3488   Firth, Mr Arthur T   chemistry  
929   Fischer, Professor Albrecht Christian Gottfried   agriculture, chemistry  
931   Fischer, Prof Eugen   physical anthropology  
932   Fisher, Mr John   agriculture  
933   Fisk, Rev George Henry Redmore   zoology  
3422   Fismer, Dr Friedrich Heinrich   medical sciences  
934   Fitt, Mr John Edward   civil engineering  
3423   Fitzgerald, Dr John Patrick   medical sciences  
935   FitzHenry, Rev Father James   geology  
937   FitzSimons, Mr Frederick William   herpetology, archaeology  
1089   Flack, Mr Edmund Victor   agricultural chemistry  
3478   Flacourt, Mr Etienne de   vertebrate zoology  
939   Flanagan, Mr Henry George   plant collection  
940   Fleck, Dr Eduard   vertebrate collection, plant collection  
941   Fleck, Mr John Christopher   surveying  
942   Fleming, Dr Andrew Milroy   medicine  
943   Fleming, Father Francis Patric   geography  
945   Fleming, Mr John   metallurgy  
946   Fletcher, Mr Harold Clarkson   metallurgy  
947   Fletcher, Mr John   engineering  
144   Fletcher, Mr Patrick jnr   surveying  
948   Fletcher, Mr Patrick snr   geology  
949   Fletcher, Mr Robert Alexander   surveying and cartography, geology  
950   Flint, Rev Dr William   advancement of science  
951   Flintoff, Lieut-Col Thomas   veterinary science  
952   Flowers, Mr Frank   geography  
3263   Floyd, Mrs Wanda Marie Frieda   See Lauth, Miss Wanda Marie Frieda  
954   Fockens, Dr Jacob Wilhelm   mineralogy  
955   Forbes, Mr Alexander Forbes Irvine   astronomy  
957   Forbes, Mr John   plant collection  
3382   Forbes, Major Patrick William   meteorological observation  
958   Ford, Mr George Henry   zoological illustration  
959   Ford, Mr John Henry   surveying  
961   Fornasini, Cavalier Carlo Antonio   plant collection  
962   Forssman, Chevalier Magnus Johan Frederik   surveying  
963   Forster, Mr Johann Georg Adam   zoology  
964   Forster, Mr Johann Reinhold   zoology, botany  
3510   Foster, Captain Henry   geodesy  
967   Fourcade, Mr Henry Georges   surveying, botany, forestry  
968   Fourie, Dr Phillipus Jacobus Johannes   veterinary medicine  
971   Fox, Major George Charles   astronomy  
972   Frames, Mr Minett Edward   geology, archaeology  
3456   Frames, Lieut-Col Percival Ross   plant collection, shell collection  
3299   Francis, Mr W   See Francis, Mr H F  
973   Francis, Mr H F   ornithology, mammal collection  
974   Francis, Miss M   insect collection  
3424   Francke, Mr Lorenz Richard   invertebrate collection  
975   Francke, Mr Max Julius Hermann   mining engineering  
976   François, Hauptman Curt Carl Bruno von   geography  
977   François, Hauptmann Hugo von   geography  
979   Franklin-Adams, Mr John   astronomy  
3391   Franks, Dr Sir Kendal Matthew St John   surgery  
980   Franks, Miss Millicent   botanical illustration, plant collection  
981   Fraser, Reverend David Duckworth   geology, palaeontology  
982   Fraser, Mr David Duckworth (Junior)   geology, palaeontology  
988   Frederici, Lieutenant Johann Christiaan   surveying and cartography  
983   Freer, Mr George William   veterinary science  
984   Frei, Dr Walter Carl   veterinary science  
985   French, Mr George   zoological collection  
987   Freycinet, Capt Louis Claude Desaulses de   geophysics  
3258   Friderici, Lieut Johann Christian   See Frederici, Lieutenant Johann Christiaan  
990   Friel, Dr Alfred Richard   medical sciences  
992   Fripp, Mr Francis Edward Bowles   archaeology, meteorology  
993   Frith, Mr Frank   plant collection, horticulture  
994   Fritsch, Dr Gustav Theodor   physical anthropology, shell collection  
997   Froembling, Dr George Herman Walter   pharmacology, plant collection  
996   Froembling, Dr Walter   See Froembling, Dr George Herman Walter  
999   Frood, Mr George Edward Bell   economic geology  
1001   Fry, Mr Harold Armstrong.   zoological collection, plant collection  
3457   Fry, Reverend John   natural history  
1002   Fry, Mr William Ellerton   meteorology  
1004   Fuentes, Mr Francisco Solando   viticulture  
1005   Fuller, Dr Arthur   medical sciences  
1006   Fuller, Mr Claude   entomology  
1007   Fuller, Dr Edward Barnard   medical sciences  
1008   Furlonge, Mr William Holland   geology  
3425   Furse, Mr P G   See Furze, Mr Paul G  
3426   Furze, Mr Paul G   shell collection  
1009   Fynn, Mr Henry Francis   geography