S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Serial number


Science fields contributed to

3449   Wager, Dr Harold William Taylor   botany  
3013   Wager, Professor Horace Athelstan   botany  
3014   Wager, Dr Vincent Athelstan   phytopathology  
3015   Wagner, Dr Percy Albert   geology  
3016   Wahl, Mr C Arnold   astronomy  
3017   Wahl*, Mr Robert Owen   entomology  
3018   Wahlberg, Mr Johan August   zoological collection, plant collection  
3019   Wahlstrand, Mr Peter Ernst   meteorology  
3020   Waibel, Prof Leo Heinrich   geography  
3021   Waldron, Mr Frank William   civil engineering, geomorphology, invertebrate collection  
3022   Wales, Mr William   astronomy  
3023   Walgate, Marion M   botany  
3024   Walker, Mr Albert Richard Edgington   geology, palaeontology  
3025   Walker, Bryant   malacology  
3026   Walker, Prof Frederick   geology  
3027   Walker, G T   meteorology  
3028   Walker, Dr James   veterinary science  
3029   Walker, Dr Philip Crampton   public health  
3030   Walker, Prof William John   mechanical engineering  
3031   Wall, Erik T S   plant collection  
3514   Wallace, Professor Robert   Agriculture  
3032   Wallace, Professor William Macgregor   engineering  
3033   Wallich, Dr Nathaniel   botany  
3034   Wallis, Mr Alfred Harry   meteorology  
3035   Walsh, Mr Albert (Edward)   botany, advancement of science  
3036   Walsh, Lionel Henry   poisonous plants  
3037   Walter, Heinrich   botany  
3038   Walters, Mr J A T   agriculture  
3039   Walton, Miss A   shell collection, insect collection  
3040   Walton, J   palaeobotany  
3041   Wanman, Carl H   botany  
3042   Ward, Reverend J R   invertebrate collection, archaeological collection  
3043   Warden, George   insect collection  
3044   Warren, Dr Ernest   invertebrate zoology, museum curation  
3046   Wartenweiler, Mr Frederick   metallurgy  
3047   Wasserstein, Benno   geology  
3049   Watermeyer, Mr Charles Philip   surveying and cartography  
3048   Watermeyer, Mr Chris Johannes   hydrology  
3051   Watermeyer, Mr Frederick Stephanus   geography  
3050   Watermeyer, Mr Frederick Stephanus (Snr)   advancement of science  
3052   Watermeyer, Prof Gottfried Andreas   mining, surveying  
3053   Watermeyer, Mr James Charles   analytical chemistry, agriculture  
3054   Watermeyer, Mr Theodore Heinrich   engineering  
3055   Waters, Dr Arnold E   geology  
238   Waterston, Dr James   entomology  
3056   Watkins-Pitchford, Mr Herbert   veterinary science  
3057   Watkins-Pitchford, Dr Wilfred   medical sciences, veterinary science  
3058   Watson, Professor David Meredith Seares   palaeontology  
245   Watson, Mr Frederick William   analytical chemistry  
246   Watson, Mr Hugh   malacology  
3476   Watson, Mr John   analytical chemistry  
3059   Watson, Mr John Craig   mining engineering  
3060   Watson, Mr John Lincoln   surveying and cartography  
3061   Watson, Sir Malcolm   medical sciences  
3450   Watson, Staff Surg R   geology  
3062   Watson, Mr R   astronomy  
3451   Watson, Dr Robert Walker   fossil collection  
3064   Watson, Dr Sherwood Willoughby   physics  
3065   Watson, William   botany  
2992   Watt, Dr Dugald Campbell   medical sciences  
3066   Watt, Mr James Shaw   veterinary science  
3067   Watt, Prof John Mitchell   pharmacology  
3063   Watt, Sir Robert D   agricultural chemistry  
3068   Watt, Mr William Edward   forestry  
3069   Watt, Mr William Martin   agricultural engineering  
3070   Watts, Mr Jeremiah Alfred   cartography  
3071   Wawra, Heinrich   botany  
3072   Way, Mr Edward John   engineering  
250   Wayland, Mr Edward James   archaeology, geology  
3073   Weale, Mr James Philip Mansel   botany, zoology  
3074   Weaver, Mr W G   mechanical engineering  
3075   Webb, Mr Arthur Davies   natural history  
3076   Webb, D van W   entomology  
253   Webb, Mr George Arthur   electrical engineering  
3077   Webb, Mr Harry Howard   mining engineering  
3273   Webb, Dr James Lorenzo   veterinary science  
3078   Webb, Mr Ronald Stretton   surveying  
3079   Webber, H O'K   geology  
3080   Weber, Mrs Anna Antoinette (nee Van Bosse)   algology  
3081   Weber, Mr Max   geology  
3082   Weber, Professor Max Wilhelm Carl   zoology  
3083   Weeks, Mr G T   botany  
3084   Wehdemann, Clemenz Heinrich   botany  
3085   Wehr, Dr Johann Heinrich Friedrich Carl Leopold   obstetrics  
3086   Weidner, Mr Charles   meteorology  
3087   Weimarck, August Henning   botany  
254   Weinberg, Mr Leo   applied mathematics, chemistry  
3089   Weinbrenn, Clara   zoology, botany  
3090   Weinmann, Dr H   plant physiology  
3091   Weintraub, Miss Dora   botany  
3088   Weir, Dr John Wallace   medical sciences  
3092   Weiskopf, Dr Eric H   analytical chemistry  
3093   Weiss, Prof Frederick Ernest   botany  
3094   Weiss, Oscar   geophysics  
3095   Wellington, Prof John H   physical geography  
3096   Wells, Dr Lawrence Herbert   human anatomy, anthropology, archaeology  
3097   Wells, Mr Rutland Wallis   entomology  
3098   Welsh, Mr Arthur Bransby   geology, meteorological observations  
3099   Welsh, Henry   astronomy  
3100   Welsh, Dr R W H   medical sciences  
3101   Wende, Mr Max   invertebrate collection  
3507   Wentworth, Miss Catherine Charlotte Dalgairns   butterfly collection  
3102   Wentzel, Lieutenant Carel David   surveying and cartography  
3103   Werlinghoff, Mr Frederich Mathias von   mining engineering  
3105   Wernich, Mr Johannes Willem   surveying and cartography  
3106   West, Miss Ethyl   plant collection  
3107   West, Dr Oliver   botany  
3353   Westermann, Mr B W   entomology  
3108   Westhofen, Mr Wilhelm   civil engineering  
3109   Weston, Mr Eustace Moriarty   mining engineering, economic geology  
3110   Weston, Mr Maxmilian John Ludwick   aeronautical engineering  
3111   Whaits, Reverend John Henry   fossil collection  
3354   Whitaker, Mr William   stone artefact collection  
3112   Whitby, Mr Arthur   analytical chemistry  
3113   White, Brindsleye   bird egg collection  
3114   White, Mr Franklin   archaeology, mining engineering, geology  
3399   White, Mrs George   See White*, Mrs Bliss Ann  
3116   White, Mr Henry Arthur   metallurgy  
3117   White, Major-Gene Henry George   archaeology  
3118   White, Mr Joseph   electrical engineering  
3115   White*, Mrs Bliss Ann   natural history collection  
3119   Whitehead, Reverend Henry   plant collection  
3452   Whitelaw, Mr Robert Pender   mechanical engineering  
3120   Whittingdale, Mr William   surveying  
3121   Whittome, Mr Arthur Cyrus   mechanical engineering  
3122   Whybrow, H T   mammalogy  
3123   Wicht, Dr Christiaan Lodewyk   forestry, hydrology  
3124   Widegren, Mr K A   hydrology  
3125   Wielligh, Mr Gideon Retief von   surveying  
3127   Wijers, Everdina Egbertha   agriculture, phytopathology  
3355   Wikar, Mr Hendrik Jacob   geographical exploration, ethnology  
3128   Wilde, Mr Carl   zoological collection  
3129   Wilder, Reverend? Hyman Augustine   physical geography  
3130   Wiles, Mr Geoffrey Gilbert   physics  
3453   Wiles, Mr James   plant collection  
3131   Wilkinson, Professor James Alfred   inorganic chemistry  
3132   Wilkinson, Mr William Fischer   mining engineering  
3133   Willemse, Prof Johannes   geology  
3134   Williams, Mr Alpheus Fuller   mining engineering, geology, mineralogy  
3135   Williams, Mr Augustus John   veterinary science  
3136   Williams, Mr Cornelius Owen   agricultural chemistry  
3138   Williams, Professor David   mathematics, applied mathematics  
3137   Williams, Mr David J   analytical chemistry  
3139   Williams, Mr Ernest G   mining engineering  
3140   Williams, F   mining engineering  
3141   Williams, Mr Gardner Fred   mining engineering  
3142   Williams, Mr Gerard W   metallurgy  
3143   Williams, Gwyn   astronomy  
3144   Williams, Mr John Richard   metallurgy  
3145   Williamson, Prof O K   medicine  
3146   Williamson, Thomas   plant collection  
3394   Willoughby, Major Sir John Christopher   archaeology  
3147   Wilman, Miss Maria   geology, botany, archaeology, museum curation  
3148   Wilmer, Mr W H Carington   geology, physical geography, insect collection  
3400   Wilmot, Lieutenant Frederick Marow   See Eardley-Wilmot, Lieut. Frederick Marow  
3150   Wilmot, Mr George Adelbert   forestry  
3151   Wilmot, Mr J Alexander   geography  
3152   Wilmoth, L J   analytical chemistry  
3153   Wilms, Mr Friedrich   botany  
3154   Wilms, Mr Ludwig Hermann   electrical engineering  
3357   Wilson, Dr Arthur Marius   medical sciences  
3155   Wilson, D A P   mining engineering?  
3156   Wilson, Dr Harold   biochemistry  
3157   Wilson, Sir Henry Francis ("Harry")   insect collection  
3159   Wilson, Mr J Kitchener   metallurgy  
3158   Wilson, Mr James Fox   hydrology  
3160   Wilson, Mr Peregrine O   mining engineering  
3161   Wilson, Lieutenant R W (or R B)   bird collection  
3162   Wilson, Dr Richard Arderne   medical sciences  
3163   Wilson-Moore, Mr Cunninghame   geology  
3164   Wiltshire, Mr Samuel   veterinary science, agriculture  
3165   Windham, Mr A S   insect collection  
3166   Winter, Dr James William   veterinary science  
3167   Winterbotham, Brigadier Harold StJohn Loyd   surveying  
3168   Winterbottom, Dr John Miall   ornithology  
3169   Wipplinger, Prof Otto   civil engineering  
3170   Wittebol, Mr Johan   surveying  
3171   Wolley-Dod, Major Anthony Hurt   botany  
3172   Wolstenholme, Dr Brian   medical research  
3173   Wood, Mr Charles John   civil engineering  
3174   Wood, Mr Harry Edwin   astronomy, meteorology  
3175   Wood, Mr John   mining engineering?  
3176   Wood, Mr John   natural history  
3177   Wood, Mr John Edwin   stone artefact collection  
3179   Wood, Mr R Henry   meteorological observation  
3180   Wood, Mr Rodney Carrington   insect collection, shell collection  
3181   Wood, Mr Thomas W   analytical chemistry  
3182   Wood, Mr William Howarth   mechanical engineering  
3178   Wood*, Mr John Medley   botany  
3183   Woodburn, Mr James Allan   mining engineering  
3184   Woodford, Mr Edwin Brier   mining engineering  
3358   Woodrooffe, Reverend Henry Reade   archaeology  
3185   Woods, Mr Charles Ray   astronomical photography  
3186   Woods, Mr Henry   palaeontology  
3187   Woodward, Sir Arthur Smith   palaeontology  
3188   Woodward, John D S   See Woodward*, Robert Blake  
3189   Woodward*, Robert Blake   ornithology  
3149   Woodworth, Mr Leon Byron   electrical engineering  
3190   Woollat, Mr Samuel Bancroft   veterinary science  
3191   Woolston, Professor James Hawthorn   mathematics, applied mathematics  
3192   Woosnam, Mr R B   ornithology  
3193   Wormald, Miss K   plant collection  
3194   Wormald, Mr William Henry   plant collection  
3195   Worsdell, Wilson C   botany  
3196   Worssell, Mr William Matthew   astronomy  
257   Wragg, Mr Harold   electrical engineering  
3197   Wray, Mr Leonard   sugar cultivation  
3198   Wrey, Sir Philip Bourchier Sherard   mining engineering, forestry  
3199   Wright, Dr Sir Almroth Edward   medical sciences  
3200   Wright, Mr Charles   plant collection  
3201   Wright, F E   geology  
3202   Wright, Mr Richard Ernest   civil engineering  
3203   Wroughton, Mr R W   insect collection  
3204   Wulfhorst, August   plant collection  
3205   Wybergh, Mr Wilfred John   geology  
3206   Wyley, Mr Andrew   geology, plant collection  
3207   Wylie, Mrs G M   See Pagan, Miss G.M.  
3208   Wylie, Mr James   botany  
3209   Wyndham, Mr Charles   ornithology  
3210   Wynne-Roberts, Mr Robert Owen   civil engineering