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Wilmot, Mr George Adelbert (forestry)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: 1936, South Africa.

George A. Wilmot, forester, entered the civil service of the Cape Colony in September 1899 and in May 1900 became a third class clerk in the paymaster-general's branch of the treasury. A few years later he left the Cape Colony to continue his studies, returning in 1906 with the degree Master of Forestry (MF) from Yale University in the United States. On 1 July that year he was appointed as district forest officer in Cape Town, with responsibility for working plans. On 1 July 1907 he was appointed district forest officer at Tokai, Cape Town, where he was still stationed in 1912. Meanwhile he had also been appointed in 1906 as assistant lecturer and demonstrator in forestry (under D.E. Hutchins* and later J.S. Henkel*), and lecturer in forest management and forest law, in the South African School of Forestry, newly established under the auspices of the South African College, Cape Town. The school closed after a few years. By 1914 he was no longer employed in the civil service of the Union of South Africa.

Wilmot wrote two articles for the Agricultural Journal of the Union of South Africa in 1912, on "Forestry for farmers" and "How to raise trees from seed". Later he also wrote pamphlets on "Tree planting" (Pretoria, 1920, 24p) and South African Matchwoods (Cape Town, 1921, 54p), and published a paper on "Soil erosion and its prevention" in the South African Journal of Science (1932).

He was survived by his wife, Nellie Scholtz.

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Compiled by: C. Plug