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Weber, Mr Max (geology)

Born: 1874, Switzerland.
Died: 30 September 1948, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Max Weber, a mineralogist, became a member of the Geological Society of South Africa in 1904. He contributed "Notes on the occurrence of acid intrusions in the Witwatersrand System" to the society's Transactions (1909), followed by some discussion of the paper and his reply in the Proceedings. Many years later M. Weber, presumably him, was co-author, with A.W. Rogers*, of "Copper resources of the Union of South Africa", in Copper resources of the world (International Geological Congress, Washington, 1935, Vol. 1, pp. 741-750).

Weber resided in Johannesburg until at least 1914, but by 1919 was associated with the Messina Development Company, Ltd, in what is now Musina, Limpopo Province. He was married to Freya F.M.A. Wilhelmi, with whom he had two sons.

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