S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
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Serial number


Science fields contributed to

2789   Tachard, Father Guy   astronomy  
2790   Tait, Mr W R   mining engineering  
195   Tapscott, Mr Sidney   plant collection, fossil collection  
2794   Taverner, Mr P S   metallurgy  
2797   Taylor, Mr Charles Clemment Jennings   astronomy  
2796   Taylor, Mr Claude H   ornithology  
2798   Taylor, Dr Edward   medical research  
2799   Taylor, Mr Hugh Wilbur   agriculture  
2801   Taylor, Mr Lionel Edward   forestry, ornithology, plant collection  
2803   Teixeira, Lieut Augusto de Almeida   astronomy, meteorology  
1354   Tellinck, Anton   See Jelinek, Mr Anton  
2804   Templeman, Mr Robert Birmingham   horticulture  
2805   Ten Rhijne, Dr Willem   plant collection  
2806   Thacker, Mr James   veterinary science  
2807   Theiler, Dr Sir Arnold   veterinary science  
200   Theobald, Prof Frederick Vincent   entomology  
2812   Thibault, Capt Louis Michel   surveying, engineering  
3236   Thiselton-Dyer, Sir William Turner   botany  
2813   Thoday, Prof David   botany  
213   Thoday, Mrs Mary Gladys   botany  
2814   Thode, Mr Hans Justus   botany  
2815   Thom, Dr George   geology, palaeontology  
2816   Thomas, Mr A   metallurgy  
2817   Thomas, Prof Alexis Daniel   veterinary pathology  
2818   Thomas, Mr Charles Neumann   cartography  
2820   Thomas, Mr James   chemistry  
2821   Thomas, Mr James Edward   metallurgy  
2824   Thompson, Miss Caton G   See Caton-Thompson, Miss Gertrude  
2826   Thompson, Mr George   exploration  
2825   Thompson, Prof George R   mining  
2828   Thompson, Mr William Wardlaw   ichthyology  
2829   Thomsen, Mr F   entomology  
2830   Thomson, Sir Charles Wyville   marine biology, oceanography  
3497   Thomson, Prof George Ritchie   surgery  
2832   Thomson, Dr James Stuart   zoology  
3348   Thomson, Prof Sir John Arthur   advancement of science, biology  
2833   Thomson, Miss Mary Ross Hall   See Pole-Evans (born Thomson), Mrs Mary Ross Hall  
2834   Thomson, Dr Robert Black   anatomy  
2835   Thomson, Prof Sir William   mathematics  
2836   Thorburn, Mr John A   toxicology  
2837   Thord-Gray, Major-Gen Ivar   geology  
2839   Thorncroft, Mr George   botany  
3404   Thorncroft, Mr Joseph Norton   See Thorncroft, Mr George  
3349   Thornton, Mr Richard   geology, geographical exploration, stone artefact collection  
2840   Thornton, Mr Russell William   agriculture  
2841   Thorpe, Rear Adm Vidal Gunson   microbiology  
2784   Thümen, Mr F. von   meteorology  
2843   Thunberg, Dr Carl Pehr   botany, zooloy  
2844   Thurburn, Captain Henry   archaeology  
2845   Thurston, Mr George Henry   mechanical engineering  
219   Thwaits, Dr James Alexander   medical sciences  
2847   Tidmarsh, Mr Edwin   horticulture  
2848   Tietz, Prof Heinrich Carl Johan   organic chemistry  
2849   Tillie, Dr Joseph   pharmacology  
223   Tinson, Mr Herbert Arthur   electrical engineering  
2851   Tippett, Mr Arthur May   civil engineering  
3396   Todd, Prof David Peck   astronomy  
2853   Tomlin, Mr John Read le Brockton   conchology  
2854   Tomory, Dr David Morice   public health  
2852   Tompkins, Mr Charles Presswell   surveying  
227   Tonnesen, Mr Otto Stuhaug   mining engineering  
3475   Tönnesen, Mr T   geography  
2856   Tooke, Mr William Hammond   anthropology  
2857   Toombs, Mr Christopher   analytical chemistry  
3350   Toppin, Lieutenant Fred   zoological collection  
2858   Torrente, Mr Miguel   metallurgy, geology  
2859   Tottenham, Mr Ralph George Loftus   geology, geomorpholoy  
2860   Townsend, Dr Richard Mahoney   entomology  
2861   Townsend, Mr Stephen Frank   civil engineering, botany  
2862   Trägårdh, Dr Ivar Oskar Herman   entomology  
2863   Traill, Dr David   biology, medical sciences  
2865   Tredgold, Mr John Harfield   advancement of science  
2867   Treleaven, Miss Charlotte Annie Snowden   plant collection  
2866   Treleaven, Mr Francis   invertebrate collection  
2868   Trenk, Oberleut Walter   geographical exploration  
2869   Trevor, Major Tudor Gruffyd   geology, archaeology  
2870   Tribolet, Mr Isaac   agriculture  
2871   Trimen, Mr Roland   zoology, entomology, botany  
2872   Tripp, Mr William Blomefield   meteorology, physical geography  
2873   Trollip, Mr Henry Edward   fossil collection  
2875   Trotha, Lieut-Gen Adrian Dietrich Lothar von   plant collection, bird collection  
2876   Trotter, Mr Alexander Pelham   electrical engineering  
2878   Troup, Dr James Macdonald   medical sciences  
2879   Troye, Mr Gustav Arthur   cartography, surveying, geology  
232   True, Mr Frederick William   marine mammalogy  
2880   Truscott, Prof Samuel John   mining engineering  
2882   Truter, Dr Petrus Johannes   geographical exploration  
2883   Tuck, Mr William   horticulture, fungus collection, insect collection  
2884   Tucker, Mr A   insect collection  
2885   Tucker, Mr John Scott   civil engineering  
2886   Tucker, Mr R W E   entomology, arachnology  
2887   Tudhope, Mr Alfred Dryden   civil engineering  
2889   Turner, Dr Sir George   public health, veterinary science  
2890   Turner, Dr George Albert   medicine, anthropology  
2893   Turton, Lieut-Col William Henry   conchology  
2894   Tweddill, Mr Samuel Milbourn   geology  
2897   Tyrrell, Lieut-Col Frederick   civil engineering  
2898   Tyson, Mr William   plant collection