S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
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Science fields contributed to

2006   Neal, Prof James Henry   mechanical engineering  
2007   Neal, Mr W G   archaeology  
2009   Neergaard, Mr Paul   bird collection  
2011   Neethling, Mr Hendrik Johannes   agriculture  
2012   Neethling, Prof Johannes Henoch   agricultural botany, genetics  
2013   Neison, Mr Edmund Neville   See Nevill, Mr Edmond Neville  
2014   Neitz, Dr Wilhelm Otto Daniel Martin   veterinary science  
2020   Nellmapius, Mr Ernest Harold   geology  
2021   Nelson, Mr William   plant collection  
265   Nesemann, Mr Alfred   plant collection, fossil collection  
2022   Nesemann, Mr Wilhelm Friedrich   meteorological observation  
2023   Neser, Prof Christiaan Petrus   veterinary medicine  
2024   Neufeld, Dr Fred   bacteriology  
2025   Neumann, Prof Louis Georges   entomology  
2026   Nevill, Mr Edmond Neville   astronomy, meteorology  
2027   Nevill, Mrs Mabel   astronomy  
2029   Newcomb, Prof Simon   astronomy  
2030   Newdigate, Miss Caroline Barbara   plant collection, invertebrate collection  
2031   Newdigate, Mr William Henry   insect collection  
2032   Newey, Mr Joseph   civil engineering  
2033   Newman, Mr William   veterinary science  
2034   Newton, Mr Richard Bullen   palaeontology  
3303   Nicholson, Mr Francis   bird collection  
3330   Nicholson, Mr John Granville   bird collection  
3395   Nicot, Father Victor   meteorology  
2037   Niven, Mr James   plant collection  
2038   Nobbs, Dr Eric Arthur   agriculture  
2039   Noble, Mr John   geology  
2040   Noble, Prof Roderick   advancement of science  
2041   Nolloth, Captain Matthew Stainton   hydrography  
3473   Nolte, Mr Karl   animal husbandry  
3331   Noome, Mr Frederick Owen   ornithology  
2044   North, Mr Frederic William   geology, mining engineering  
2045   North, Miss Marianne   botanical illustration  
2046   Nortier, Dr Pieter le Fras   agriculture  
2047   Norton, Rev Prof William Alfred   archaeology, anthropology  
2048   Nunn, Lt-Col Joshua Arthur   veterinary science