S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
Surnames starting with P:


Serial number


Science fields contributed to

2100   Pacheco, Duarte   exploration  
2101   Packman, Mr John Daniel Vittoria   viticulture  
120   Pagan, Rev John Hamilton   plant collection  
2103   Page, Miss Mary Maud   botanical illustration  
2104   Page, Mr Robert Allen   chemistry  
2106   Paine, Mr Richard   veterinary diagnostics  
2107   Pakes, Dr Walter Charles Cross   medical sciences  
2109   Palgrave, Mr William Coates   insect collection  
2110   Pape, Mr Robert   dairying  
2112   Pappe, Dr Carl Wilhelm Ludwig   botany, ichthyology, insect collection  
2114   Pardy, Mr Alexander   analytical chemistry  
2115   Parish, Mr E   agriculture  
2116   Park, Captain Walter Ellsworth   mechanical engineering  
157   Park Ross, Dr George Archibald   See Ross, Dr George Archibald Park  
2117   Parkin, Dr Bately Scott   veterinary medicine  
2118   Parkinson, Mr Frank Baldwin   fossil collection, agricultural engineering  
2119   Parlby, Major Samuel   agriculture, meteorology  
122   Parry, Mr John   chemistry  
2122   Parsons, Mr Cyril Edward   geology  
2124   Pask, Mr Thomas Percival   electrical engineering  
2125   Passarge, Dr Siegfried   geography, archaeology  
2126   Paterson, Mrs Florence Mary   plant collection, invertebrate collection, fossil collection  
2129   Paterson, Mr Peter   marine engineering  
2128   Paterson, Mrs T V   See Paterson, Mrs Florence Mary  
2130   Paterson, Lieutenant William   plant collection  
2131   Paton, Mr Thomas   veterinary science  
2132   Patrick, Mr David Livingstone   invertebrate collection  
2134   Pattison, Mr H A   veterinary science  
2135   Pattison, Mr R   invertebrate collection  
2137   Pay, Mr Walter Herbert   chemistry  
2138   Payne, Mr Albert Edward   mine surveying  
2139   Payne, Prof Henry   engineering  
2140   Paynter, Mr J H   fossil collection, invertebrate collection  
2142   Pead, Mr Clement Harry   metallurgy, entomology  
2144   Peake, Professor William Henry Aston   agricultural chemistry  
141   Pealing, Mr Harold   physics  
2146   Pearce, Mr Sidney Herbert   metallurgy  
2147   Pearson, Mr Alfred Naylor   agriculture  
2148   Pearson, Prof Henry Harold Welch   botany  
2149   Pechuel-Loesche, Mr Eduard   geography, geology, plant collection  
2150   Peddie, Mr John   plant collection  
2153   Pegler, Miss Alice Marguerite   botany, invertebrate collection  
2154   Peirce, Mr Arthur Warren Kendall   electrical engineering  
3368   Pelser Berensberg, Mr Herbert von   See Berensberg, Mr Herbert von Pelser  
2157   Pelzein, August von   See Pelzeln, Mr August von  
3369   Pelzeln, Mr August von   ornithology  
2158   Penck, Prof Friedrich Karl Albrecht   physical geography, geomorphology  
2159   Penfold, Mr Oliver Crace   plant collection  
2160   Pengilly, Mr F Cardell   metallurgy  
2162   Penning, Mr William Henry   geology, archaeology  
3333   Pennington, Archdeacon George Edgar   shell collection  
2164   Penrose, Mr Richard Alexander Fullerton jnr   geology  
2165   Penther, Dr Arnold   invertebrate zoology, plant collection  
2167   Percival, Captain Robert   geography  
2168   Pereira, Duarte Pacheco   See Pacheco, Duarte  
2169   Perestrelo, Manuel de Mesquita   See Mesquita Perestrelo, Manuel de  
2170   Péringuey, Dr Louis Albert   entomology, archaeology  
2171   Péringuey, Dr Louis Corstorphine   insect collection  
2172   Perold, Professor Abraham Izak   viticulture  
2176   Péron, Mr François   physical anthropology  
2178   Perrin, Mr James   herpetology  
2179   Perrins, Mr Charles Henry   engineering, radiology  
151   Perrow, Mr William Henry   electrical engineering  
2180   Perry, Dr Thomas   veterinary science  
2181   Pershouse, Mr Stanley   ornithology  
3334   Persson, Mr Jöns/Johan   insect collection  
2182   Peter, Prof Gustav Albert   botany  
2183   Peters, Dr Carl   archaeology  
2184   Peters, Dr Wilhelm Karl Hartwig   zoology, botany  
2186   Pett, Mr Robert Thomas   astronomy  
2187   Pettey, Dr Franklin William   entomology  
2190   Philippi, Prof Emil   geology  
2191   Phillips, Dr Edwin Percy   botany  
2193   Phillips, Mr John William   veterinary science  
2196   Phipson-Wybrants, Captain Temple Leighton   surveying  
2197   Pickard-Cambridge, Reverend Octavius   arachnology  
2199   Pickles, Mr Verney   electrical engineering  
2200   Piddington, Mr F L   metallurgy  
2201   Pienaar, Mr P J   fungi collection  
2202   Piers, Dr Charles Edward   vertebrate collection, medicine  
2203   Piers, Major Henry William Hull Coleman   geology, palaeontology  
3336   Piers, Mr Walter Rumbold   entomology  
2204   Pijper, Prof Adrianus   pathology, microbiology  
2205   Pijper, Dr Cornelis   medicine, archaeology  
2206   Pilger, Mr Robert Knuds Friedrich   botany  
3335   Pillans, Mr Eustace   See Pillans, Mr Charles Eustace  
2208   Pillans, Mr Charles Eustace   agriculture, horticulture, plant collection  
2207   Pillans, Mr Charles Roland   invertebrate collection, meteorology  
2209   Pillans, Mr Neville Stuart   botany  
3461   Pillans, Roland   See Pillans, Mr Charles Roland  
2210   Pinchin, Mr Robert   geology  
2211   Pinto, Major Serpa   See Serpa Pinto, Major Alexandre A da Rocha de  
2212   Pirie, Dr James Hunter Harvey   medical sciences, geology  
2213   Pirow, Dr Hans   mining engineering, geology  
2215   Plant, Mr Robert William   botany, invertebrate collection  
2216   Platt, Mr Ernest Edward   entomology, plant collection  
142   Plows, Mr William Joseph   geology  
2220   Pöch, Dr Rudolf   physical anthropology  
2222   Poggé, Mr C   forestry, museum curation  
2223   Pohle, Mr Hermann   exploration  
2224   Pole-Evans, Mr Illtyd Buller   botany, mycology  
2225   Pole-Evans (born Thomson), Mrs Mary Ross Hall   botany, mycology  
3465   Pole-Kitson, Dr John   See Kitson, Dr John Pole  
2226   Polemann, Mr Pieter Heinrich   plant collecting  
3459   Ponsonby, Mr John Henry   conchology  
2229   Pope, Mr   fossil collection  
2230   Pope, Dr Charles Ernest   meteorological observation, insect collection  
3439   Popham, Mr John Leybourne   archaeology  
2231   Porter, Dr Annie   parasitology  
2232   Porter, Dr Charles   public health  
3440   Potgieter, Mr Ebenezer   shell collection  
3266   Pott, Mrs Reino (born Leendertz)   botany  
3265   Pott-Leendertz, Mrs Reino   See Pott, Mrs Reino (born Leendertz)  
2236   Potter, Mr Pieter   surveying and cartography  
2237   Potts, Prof George   botany  
2238   Poulton, Prof Edward Bagnall   entomology  
3387   Powell, Mr L   advancement of science  
2239   Power, Mr John Hyacinth   zoology, archaeology  
3474   Power, Mr William Michael   veterinary science  
2240   Pratt-Johnson, Dr John   medical sciences  
3221   Pratt-Yule, Dr George   See Yule, Dr George Pratt  
2241   Preece, Sir William Henry   electrical engineering  
2242   Prehn, Colonel Hendrik von   plant collection, mineralogy  
2243   Preiss, Mr Johann August Ludwig   plant collection, zoological collection  
2245   Prentice, Mr Ernest Samuel   civil engineering  
944   Preston, Mr Erasmus Darwin   geophysics  
2247   Price, Mr Bernard   electrical engineering, advancement of science  
2250   Pringle, Dr Archibald Douglas   medical sciences  
2252   Prior, Mr George Thurland   mineralogy  
2253   Prior, Dr Richard Chandler   plant collection  
2254   Prister, Professor August   chemistry, geology  
2256   Proksch, Dr Moritz F   agriculture  
2257   Prosser, Mr William   geology  
150   Prout, Mr Louis Beethoven   entomology  
2258   Prozesky, Reverend Johannes Carl   meteorological observation  
2261   Puntan, Mr Herbert Harding Cruickshank   analytical chemistry  
2262   Purcell, Dr William Frederick   invertebrate zoology, plant collection  
3361   Purchase, Dr Harvey Spurgeon   veterinary science  
2263   Purvis, Dr George Carrington   veterinary bacteriology, medical sciences  
2264   Putterill, Mr Arthur William   fossil collection  
2265   Putterill, Mr Victor Armsby   mycology  
2266   Pye, Dr William Moss   veterinary science  
2267   Pym, Mr Charles Archibald   insect collection  
2268   Pym, Mr Frank Arthur Oakley   zoology, museum curator  
154   Pyper, Prof Adrianus   See Pijper, Prof Adrianus  
155   Pyper, Dr Cornelis   See Pijper, Dr Cornelis