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Pogge, C (forestry, museum curation)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

C. Poggé was the son of Dr Paul Poggé, a well-known German traveller and collector in Africa during the second half of the nineteenth century. By 1900 Poggé junior was conservator of forests of German South West Africa (now Namibia), stationed in Windhoek. During that year Kurt M. Dinter* was appointed under him as forestry officer. In 1910 Poggé published a paper on "Nutzholzbäume Deutsch-Südwestafrikas" (Commercial timber trees of German South West Africa) in the Zeitschrift für Forst-Jagdwesen.

In 1906 the governor of the territory, von Schuckmann, instructed Poggé to circularize all government institutions, missionaries and voluntary societies with a request to collect material for a museum and send it to Windhoek, where a Landesmuseum (State Museum) was to be established. The name Landesmuseum was used for the first time in Poggé's circular of 1907. His request was well received. Two railway companies, the Woermann Line and the Otavi Railway Company, offered to transport donations free of charge. Funds for the museum were received from the southern districts of the territory and much material was received from private individuals. A museum committee was formed, with Captain von Zuelow* as its first chairman. Poggé appears to have played no further role in the museum's affairs.

In 1906 Poggé became a member of the South African Ornithologists' Union. He represented German South West Africa on its council from 1907 to 1910.

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Compiled by: C. Plug