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Peringuey, Dr Louis Corstorphine (insect collection)

Born: 3 April 1900, Cape Town, South Africa.
Died: 12 June 1973, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Louis Corstorphine Peringuey, also known as Louis Gaston, was the son of Louis Albert Peringuey*, director of the South African Museum, Cape Town, and his wife Bertha Marcellis. His second given name (Corstorphine) was presumably bestowed upon him in honour of a friend of his father, the geologist George S. Corstorphine*.

As a young boy Peringuey junior donated insects to the South African Museum during 1907 to 1909. In the latter year his father wrote in the museum's annual report: "Master Peringuey has assiduously collected the micro-coleoptera of the [Cape] Peninsula and has been very successful in obtaining numerous and rare kinds".

Peringuey qualified as a medical practitioner and settled in the Transvaal. He was married to Barbara Wells-Jones, with whom he had three surviving children.

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Compiled by: C. Plug