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Prozesky, Reverend Johannes) Carl (meteorological observation)

Born: 2 August 1846, Germany.
Died: 5 March 1927, Place not known.

Reverend Carl Prozesky, from K?nigsberg, Germany, was a missionary of the Berlin Mission Society. After the death of his first wife, P.L. Adelheid Heymann, in 1888, he married Auguste D?hne (1860-1914). At some time in or before 1890 the Berlin Mission Society sent him to the Cape Colony, for in that year he was stationed at Ladismith. Some years later he was posted to the Society's mission at Amalienstein, situated between Ladismith and Calitzdorp. Here he received a complete set of meteorological instruments from the Meteorological Commission of the Cape of Good Hope in 1895 and started regular observations. A summery of his results was published annually in the Commission's Reports. (Earlier observations had been conducted at Amalienstein by Reverend F.A. Schmidt.) In 1897 Prozesky's station was upgraded to one of the Commission's second order meteorological stations. The secretary of the Commission, Charles M. Stewart*, reported after a tour of inspection in 1899 that Prozesky was deeply interested in the observations and gave them a great deal of attention. Observations continued to be summitted under his name until at least the end of 1908, though he may have delegated responsibility for them to others at times. For example, during 1902-1903 he was at Stendal Mission, near Weenen, Natal. He was still listed as working at Amalienstein in 1911 (General directory, 1911), though he also spent time at the Bethelsdorp Mission, near Port Elizabeth, that year. The next year he was at Newcastle, Natal. By 1918 he was a British subject.

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