S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Serial number


Science fields contributed to

3222   Zahn, G A   forestry  
3223   Zanstra, Hermann   astronomy  
3224   Zeally, Mr Arthur Edward Victor   geology  
3225   Zelebor, Johann   ornithology  
3226   Zelle, Mr E   meteorology, museum curation  
3227   Zeyher, Mr Carl Ludwig Philipp   botany  
3228   Zheng He, Admiral   exploration  
3229   Zoond, Dr Alexander   marine biology  
3230   Zoutendyk, Dr Alwyn Nicholas   medical research  
3231   Zschokke, Dr Markus   veterinary science  
3232   Zuckerman, Solly   primate anatomy  
3233   Zuelow, Captain von   museum curation  
3235   Zwarenstein, Prof Harry J   medical research