S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Alphabetical list of biographies
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Serial number


Science fields contributed to

2069   O'Neil, Reverend Joseph A   entomology  
2054   O'Connor, Mr Alexander James   forestry  
2065   O'Meara, Mr Patrick   civil engineering  
2068   O'Neill, Lieut Henry Edward   geography  
2049   Oakley, Mr Henry Miller   insect collection  
2050   Oakley, Mr Herbert William   palaeontology, vertebrate zoology  
2051   Oates, Mr Frank   natural history  
2055   Odendaal, Mr David Petrus Johannes   ornithology  
2057   Oettingen, Prof Arthur Joachim von   physical chemistry  
2058   Ogg, Prof Alexander   physics  
2061   Oldenburg, Mr Frans Petter   plant collection  
2062   Oldenland, Mr Heinrich Bernhard   botany  
2063   Oldfield, Dr Thomas Lambert   veterinary science  
3332   Olsen, Dr Orjan Mikael   marine mammalogy  
2064   Olver, Mr John Sobey   geology  
2067   Ommanney, Captain Henry Travers   plant collection  
3367   Oranje, Mr Pieter   plant collection  
2072   Orenstein, Dr Alexander Jeremiah   public health  
2074   Ormerod, Miss Eleanor Anne   entomology  
2075   Orpen, Mr Charles Sirr   geology, fossil collection, archaeology  
2076   Orpen, Mr Francis Henry Samuel   surveying  
2077   Orpen, Mr Joseph Millerd   fossil collection, surveying  
2078   Orpen, Miss Katherine Irene Theodora   plant collection, archaeology  
2079   Orpen, Miss Lilian Grace Ida   zoological collection, archaeology  
2080   Orr, Prof John   engineering  
2082   Ortlepp, Mr Albert Frederick   bird egg collection  
2084   Ortlepp, Dr Reinhold Johannes   veterinary parasitology  
2085   Osbeck, Dr Carl Gustaf   plant collection  
3365   Osbeck, Rev Pehr   natural history  
2087   Osborn, Dr Robert Farquhar   ophthalmology  
2090   Osborne, Mr Charles Frederick   mining engineering, geology  
3366   Ostertag, Prof Robert von   veterinary science  
3485   Ostreicher, Mr Adolf Samuel   mechanical engineering  
2094   Otto, Dr William James   medicine, physical antrhopology  
2095   Overbeek, Mr J J or J W   insect collection  
2096   Overman, Mr J H   agriculture  
2097   Owen, Miss M C   plant collection  
2098   Owen, Sir Richard   palaeontology  
2099   Owen, Captain William Fitzwilliam   geographical exploration, hydrography  
186   Owen-Wahl, Mr Robert   See Wahl, Mr Robert Owen