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Fornasini, Cavalier Carlo Antonio (plant collection)

Born: 1805, Italy .
Died: 1865, Place not known.

Carlo Antonio Fornasini was an Italian plant collector who botanised in and around the Inhambane area in Mozambique from 1839 onwards. He sent his extensive collections to Professor Guiseppe Bertolini of Bologna, who drew and described many of the specimens in a series of publications entitled 'Illustrazione di Piante Mozambices' in the journal Memorie della Accademia delle Scienze dell Istituto di Bologna. Fornasini is generally credited with the discovery of Encephalartos ferox, which was described by Bertolini in 1851. He also collected spiders and other natural history specimens. Fornasini's Blind Snake (Typhlops fornasinii) and Fornasini's Spiny Reed Frog (Afrixalus fornasini) were named after him by Bianconi in 1847 and 1849 respectively.

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