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Chase, Mr William Henry (veterinary disease control)

Born: 10 November 1880, Triverton, Devon, United Kingdom.
Died: 1 February 1965, Pretoria, South Africa.
Active in: SA Bot.
Mr William Henry Chase

William Henry Chase qualified (MRCVS, London) in 1901 and joined the Cape of Good Hope Veterinary Administration in 1902. He was the first to investigate Senecio poisoning in South Africa, known locally as Molteno cattle disease, and found the cause to be poisoning by Senecio burchelli. In 1905 he was transferred to the Bechuanaland Protectorate (now Botswana) to prevent the spread of East Coast Fever into that country, a goal that he achieved successfully. He also managed to clear the country of lungsickness by 1922 and used his knowledge of that disease for a FRCVS thesis entitled "Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia". In later years he was also involved in the eradication of foot and mouth disease. He attended many international conferences and was sought after as a consultant in matters of disease control. For his services he was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in 1925. After retirement in 1935 he spent some years in private practice in England but returned to Botswana in 1952 and finally retired to Pretoria in 1961.

Chase was married to Catherine Mathilda Chase, born Price, with whom he had a son and a daughter. She died in 1958. His second wife, Rose Louise Joan Chase, survived him.

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