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Cameron, Mr Peter (entomology)

Born: 1847, Place not known.
Died: 1 December 1912, New Mills, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
Active in: SA.

Peter Cameron, of Stockport, England, was a prominent English amateur entomologist who specialised in the Hymenoptera. He worked as an artist in the dye industry and in calico printing, but suffered from poor health and was often unemployed. Later in his life he lived in New Mills, Derbyshire, and received some financial support from the Royal Society. His insect collection went to the British Natural History Museum.

Cameron published on the fauna of Scotland (1878-1886) and extensively on the Hymeoptera of Britain (1882-1893), Central America (1883), the oriental region (1889-1900), the Maldive and Laccadive Archipelagos (1901), the Malay Peninsula (1901), Sarawak (1902), Borneo (1903), Assam (1903), India (1904, 1913), and Ceylon (1905). Many of his papers appeared in publications of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, including "Description of two new species of Mutilla [a genus of Velvet ants] from South Africa" (1898). From 1905 to 1911 he studied various collections of South African hymenoptera and described them in a number of papers in local publications. He visited the country during this period, as the director of the Albany Museum reported in 1907 that Mr. P. Cameron had used the museum's entomological collections.

Cameron's first paper to be published in South Africa was "On some new genera and species of hymenoptera from Cape Colony and Transvaal", which appeared in the Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society (Vol. 15(4), pp. 195-258) in 1905. This was followed in 1906 by descriptions of new hymenoptera from Pearston, Cape Colony (Vol. 16, pp. 323-333), hymenopterous parasites of the mealie stalk borer (Vol. 16, pp. 334-337), and hymenopterous parasites of the codling moth (Vol. 16, pp. 337-341). Meanwhile he submitted extensive descriptions of new species of parasitic hymenoptera in the collections of the South African Museum for publication in the museum's Annals (1906, Vol. 5(2), 170p.; 1907, Vol. 5(4), 23p.) At about the same time he prepared descriptions of the hymenoptera of the Albany Museum to be published in its Records (1906, Vol. 1, p. 161, 186, 297, 412), as well as descriptions of new species collected by Rev. J.A. O'Neill*, chiefly at Dunbrody, Cape Colony (Vol. 1, p. 125, 245, 315). Several years later he reported on the aculeate hymenoptera and parasitic hymenoptera collected by A.J.T. Janse*, in the Annals of the Transvaal Museum (Vol. 2(3), 1910; Vol. 2(4), 1911).

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