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Moseley, Major Frederick Arthur Dudley Harris (mining chemistry)

Born: 10 April 1881, Bristol, United Kingdom.
Died: 24 May 1919, London, United Kingdom.

Frederick A.D.H. Moseley, mining chemist, was educated in London at the Medburn Science Schools, the Northern Polytechnic Institute, and the East London Technical College, and became a member of the Society of the Chemical Industry (MSCI). He came to the Transvaal Colony in August 1903 and settled in Johannesburg. In 1905 he was elected an associate member of the Transvaal Institute of Mechanical Engineers and became a full member in 1910. In 1906 he was still trying to improve his education, for in that year he presented himself at Johannesburg as a candidate for the matriculation examination of the University of London.

Moseley's area of specialisation was the analysis and combustion of coal. During 1906/7 he contributed three papers on this subject to the Journal of the Transvaal Institute of Mechanical Engineers (Vol. 5): "A comparison of the heating values of Natal and Middelburg steam coals, with critical remarks on the analysis of some Natal coals", "A critical examination of the report of the Natal Coal Testing Committee" (with S.B. Bilbrough*), and "The coals of the Transvaal" (in two parts). He returned to the latter topic a few years later with a paper on "Coals of the Transvaal; their occurrence, value, economy and application" (1909/10, Vol. 8).

By 1911 he had opened Moseley's Technical Laboratories (formerly H. Eckstein and Co's Engineering Laboratory) in Marshall Street West, Johannesburg. In June that year he published a Report on the quality, &c., of the round coal produced in the Witbank (Middelburg) district of the Transvaal for export and bunkering trade (Johannesburg, 1911, 36p).

During World War I (1914-1918) Moseley rose to the rank of major in the 53rd Royal Sussex Regiment. He died in a military hospital at Tooting, London, of a tropical disease. He was survived by his wife, May Jemima Moseley, born Hart, and a son.

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