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Lundie, Mr Marshall (agricultural chemistry)

Born: 1889, Malan, Western Cape, South Africa.
Died: 1956, South Africa.

Marshall Lundie, son of John Lundie and his wife Rebecca Peachy, born Best, attended the High School, Butterworth, and passed the matriculation examination of the University of the Cape of Good Hope in 1906. The next year he started studying at the South African College, Cape Town, and at the end of the year passed the first examination in Mining. He appears to have discontinued his studies at that time, and in 1910 was appointed assistant in the Department of Chemistry of the South African College. Shortly thereafter he continued his studies and passed the first BSc examination in Agriculture in 1912. (No further courses in agriculture were available at the time.) During these years he presented three papers that were published in the annual Report of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science: 'Fertilisers from the ocean' (with R.W. Hallack, 1910), 'Notes on investigation of some South African tobaccos' (1911), and 'Is silica an indispensable constituent of plant food?' (1912).

In August 1913 Lundie was appointed as lecturer and assistant chemist at the School of Agriculture, Grootfontein. In 1919 he was designated as analyst of fertilisers, etc. Years later one M. Lundie, presumably him, published a paper on 'Factors in sludge digestion' (Surveyor, 1930, Vol.78, pp. 165-167), dealing with sewage disposal and based on experiments carried out in Pretoria.

Lundie was married to Elizabeth Johanna de Klerk, with whom he had two children.

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