Pretoria Branch Talks

The Pretoria Branch of the S2A3 presents talks during the university semester. They are usually scheduled at 17:15 on the first Wednesday of the month and presented in the Sci-Enza, but there are exceptions. If you want to receive notices of forthcoming talks, please join our mailing list.

3 February 2010: Dr Peter Schmitz: Principal Researcher: GIS and data logistics: Logistics and Quantitative Methods, CSIR. Using Maps as a Forensic Tool.

3 March 2010: Dr. I.C. Schutte. Geo-educating the people: The geology and geosites of the Kruger National Park.

5 May 2010: Professor Jan Verschoor: Department of Biochemistry, University of Pretoria.  Slip-sliding away - The lipid biochemistry of tuberculosis

4 August 2010: Annie Beckhelling: Cheetah Outreach. The Anatolian Shepherd Guard Dog Project Protecting livestock from cheetah attacks.

6 October 2010: Prof. Thebe R Medupe. Astronomy during the heydays of Timbuktu.

4 March 2009: [Organised by the Royal Society at S2A3 venue] Prof Mike Bruton: 1000 Yeaars of Islamic knowledge rediscovered.

20 May 2009: Professor Ado Janse van Rensburg, Steve Biko Hospital, University of Pretoria: The Physics of Music

5 August 2009: Werner H. Gries, Honorary Professor, Department of Physics, University of Pretoria. What man can know of what is - does our knowledge correspond to reality?

7 October 2009: Professor Lynne Webber, Head of Department of Medical Virology, University of Pretoria. The H1N1 Influenza pandemic – Its emergence and the implications for society.

2 April 2008: Dr Ruric Vogel, Counselling Psychologist. Emotion Regulation.

7 May 2008: Prof Dieter Holm, Sustainable Development Consultant and former head, Department of Architecture, University of Pretoria. Towards [Energy] Sufficiency in a House.

4 June 2008: Dr Francois Engelbrecht, Dept of Geography, Geoinformatics and Metrology, University of Pretoria. Climate change over South Africa: projections and perceptions.

6 August 2008: Mr Terry Newby: Institute for Soil, Climate & Water, Agricultural Research Council. Remote Sensing: A remote concept or a practical tool for agriculture.

8 October 2008: Professor Derck Smits, Department of Mathematical Sciences, UNISA. Current  Frontiers in Astronomy