7 August 1995: Transvaal Branch of the Royal Society of South Africa and S2A3: Chair: Prof John Skinner [MRI, UP], Prof FRN Nabarro, FRS, dept of Physics, Wits, Dr George de Muelenare, Formerly Professor of Radiotherapy, UP – now in private practice, Dr CI Hamilton, dept of History, Wits

REFLECTIONS ON THE BOMB: A panel discussion to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the deployment of nuclear weapons in warfare.

2 October 1995: Dr Lee R Berger: New Discoveries in the Search for Human origins in Africa

24 November 1995: Prof S Kalbitzer: Max-Planck-Institut furf Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany, and University of Pretoria, Physics Department:  New Tools for the Submicron World