4 March 1996: Prof Rudi van Aarde, Dept Zoology & Entomology, Mammal Research Institute, UP Development of an alternative to control reproduction in the African elephant.

6 May 1996: Ms Jane Dugard: The Galapagos Archipelago, and Darwin’s paradigm shift.

3 June 1996: Prof CJH Schutte: Ancient Science as depicted in Egyptian Funerary Art

5 August 1996: Prof Dennis NW Chinnery, Physics Dept, Vista: Holography – what it is… and what it isn’t!

2 September 1996: Prof EH Hubbard, department of Linguistics, Unisa: Linguistic ‘Fingerprinting’ – fact or fiction?

7 October 1996: Prof Andre Fiedeldey, Dept of Psychology, UP: A Psychological Perspective on Human-Environmental Issues