2 March 2005:  Professor J Boeyens, Extraordinary Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria. Quantum Personalities

6 April 2005: Dr J Kotze, Specialist food & nutrition consultant. Nutrition: Facts & Fiction

4 May 2005: Dr Ina Plug: Research Fellow, UNISA. Past climate changes and human habitation in southern Africa.

1 June 2005: Dan Jacobson, CEO National Bioinformatics Network. New frontiers in Biology: Bioinformatics leads the way.

4 July - 6 July 2005: 50th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics:  Mr Walter Meyer notified S2A3 members that Conference Lectures, held on the main campus of the University of Pretoria, were open to the public.

3 August 2005:  Prof Robin Crewe, Vice Principal, University of Pretoria. Social parasitism by Cape honeybee workers: understanding evolutionary lotteries.

7 September 2005: Dr Jan Rijn Zeevaart. What’s wrong with the bones, Holmes?