6 March 2000:  Dr Marhinus Horak, Manager: Bioprospecting Programme CSIR BIO/CHEMTEK: Bioprospecting for Novel Drugs: Unlocking Nature’s Medicine Chest

3 April 2000:  Prof Derck Smits: Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics & Astronomy, Unisa White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Supernovae

8 May 2000:  Prof Steven Chown: Climate Change and Southern African Animals: The Future Might be Quiter

5 June 2000:  Dr Andre Keyser, Bernard Price Institute, Wits: The Treasures of Drimolen

7 August 2000: Dr MA Coccia Portugal, Medical Practitioner in Oncology: Breast Cancer in the New Millenium

4 September 2000:  Prof Lizette van Rensburg, Department of Human Genetics, UP: The Human Genome Sequence – Changing the Face of Medicine

2 October 2000: Prof Diane Grayson, Professor of Science Education, Faculty of Science, Unisa: An Introduction to the Science of Learning and the Learning of Science