Pretoria Branch Talks

The Pretoria Branch of the S2A3 presents talks during the university semester. They are usually scheduled at 17:15 on the first Wednesday of the month and presented in the Sci-Enza, but there are exceptions. If you want to receive notices of forthcoming talks, please join our mailing list.

6 March 2000:  Dr Marhinus Horak, Manager: Bioprospecting Programme CSIR BIO/CHEMTEK: Bioprospecting for Novel Drugs: Unlocking Nature’s Medicine Chest

3 April 2000:  Prof Derck Smits: Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics & Astronomy, Unisa White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Supernovae

8 May 2000:  Prof Steven Chown: Climate Change and Southern African Animals: The Future Might be Quiter

5 June 2000:  Dr Andre Keyser, Bernard Price Institute, Wits: The Treasures of Drimolen

7 August 2000: Dr MA Coccia Portugal, Medical Practitioner in Oncology: Breast Cancer in the New Millenium

4 September 2000:  Prof Lizette van Rensburg, Department of Human Genetics, UP: The Human Genome Sequence – Changing the Face of Medicine

2 October 2000: Prof Diane Grayson, Professor of Science Education, Faculty of Science, Unisa: An Introduction to the Science of Learning and the Learning of Science

1 March 1999:  Professor Liesbeth Botha, Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UP: The successes of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition

3 May 1999:  Dr Francis Thackeray: Trying to Make Sense of the Hominid Family Tree

7 June 1999:  Professor Johannes Heidema, Dept of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Astronomy, Unisa:  Logics for all seasons

2 August 1999:  Dr CK Brain: The Ancient Roots of Human Intelligence

6 September 1999:  Dr Ansie Meiring, Dept of Mathematics, UP: The New Millenium – Facts and Figures

4 October 1999:  Martino: Seeing is [not always] believing

2 March 1998: Professor EH Mathews, Dept Mechanical Engineering, UP: Use and abuse of the scientific process: Interesting successes and mishaps in science.

4 May 1998:  Professor AE Duffy, Dept of Visual Arts and Art History, UP: The artist and the fourth dimension

1 June 1998:  Prof Judith Bishop, Dept of Computer Sciences, UP: Using Java on the World Wide Web

3 August 1998:  Professor Robin Crewe: Dean: Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, UP Language and manipulation in honeybee social communication

18 September 1998:  Dr David Malin, Principal Research Scientist, Anglo-Australian Observatory, Australis:  A Universe of Colour