Pretoria Branch Talks

The Pretoria Branch of the S2A3 presents talks during the university semester. They are usually scheduled at 17:15 on the first Wednesday of the month and presented in the Sci-Enza, but there are exceptions. If you want to receive notices of forthcoming talks, please join our mailing list.

7 April 2004: Dr Phil Coleman, Protechnik Laboratories, Highveld Technopark, Centurion. An Overview of Chemical Defence R&D in South Africa.

5 May 2004: Dirk Robinson, Department of Information Technology, University of  Pretoria. Handling of Computer Viruses at the University of Pretoria.

8 June 2004: Louis Barendse, Big Skies Astronomy. Venus Transit: Venus, morning and evening star (Presented in conjunction with the Discovery Centre, UP)

4 August 2004: Professor Casper Schutte: UNISA, UP, NBN. The ancient Egyptian weighing of the soul and its meaning for modern civilization.

1 September 2004: Mrs Els ten Krooden: UNISA. The electronic library of the future

6 October 2004: Deryck Yelverton. Marion Island

3 March 2003:  Dr Paulette Bloomer: Dept of Genetics, University of Pretoria: "Conserving genetic heritage in endemic species of southern Africa".

7 April 2003:  Prof CJH Schutte:, Dept Chemistry, Univ. of Pretoria and UNISA, National Bioinformatics Network: "Discovering paleolithic mathematics: A journey into the past”.

5 May 2003:  Prof WJR Alexander: Professor Emeritus, Dept of Civil and Biosystems Engineering, University of Pretoria: Climate change and the return of Hurst’s Ghost

2 June 2003:  Prof Lucas Venter: Dept of Computer Science, UNISA: Are all computer scientists computer literate?

4 August 2003: Prof Paul Swart: Complex systems, pattern recognition and evidence based medicine

1 September 2003:  Mr Manfred Scriba: Manufacturing and Materials Technology, CSIR: Nanotechnology - the next "big" wave

6 October 2003: Dr Gilbert Siko: Dept of Biochemistry, University of Pretoria: Early detection of Tuberculosis

4 March 2002:  Dr Eben Mulder: Pebble bed reactors.

2 April 2002: Dr Lynne Webber: The biological behaviour of HIV: Why is this virus so diabolically successful and will we ever beat this adversary?

6 May 2002: Dr Etienne Barnard: Molo Afrika Speech Technologies : Can Artificial be Intelligent?

3 June 2002: Prof Albert van Jaarsveld: Prospect for a sustainable South Africa?

5 August 2002:  Dr Rob Toms: Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Monitoring and sustainability of Mopane worm crop harvesting

2 September 2002:  Prof Derck Smits: Solar Eclipse.

7 October 2002: Prof Jan Boeyens: Prime Numbers, Atoms and Space-Time Structure of the Universe.