List of award winners: S2A3 Certificate of Merit

1948 Mr J H Power (palaeontology); J A Swan (archaeology); Ethyl L Gray (history of geology)

1949 A J E Gibbs (protozoology)

1950 G W Reynolds (botany); S H Rubidge (palaeontology)

1954 S F le Roux (palaeobotany, archaeology)

1958 John Voelcker (natural history); A R Willcox (rock art); J Moreira Rato (marine biology)

1963 J J Rudner (archaeology); T M Salter (botany)

1964-1966 James Kitching (palaeontology); A R Hughes (physical and palaeo-anthropology)

1967 R A Jubb (freshwater fish)

1981 Dr C G Crocker; Dr Graham S Baker (advancement of science); Mr Derek Griffiths

1982 Brig G N Robertson (advancement of science); Mr Jan C Horn and Mr Marinus W Wijnbeek (public understanding of science)

1983 Prof M M Smith; Dr C F Albrecht; Mr D Gray; Miss I Hitchcock

1986 Mr Isaac Macdonald Badirwang Thoka (science education)

1987 Prof Danie Joubert

1989 Dr Bertha van Drimmelen (service to S2A3); Mr Eugen Helius Hanau (service to S2A3); Dr Frans August Korb (service to S2A3); Mrs Anne Pauline Bentum (service to S2A3)

1990 Prof Michael J Wingfield (plant pathology); Dr Ortrud Ruth Oellerman (graph theory)

1991 Mrs Esme den Dulk (service to S2A3); Prof David Gerhardus Roux (chemistry, service to S2A3); Mr Derek J Gray (science education); Prof Keith Paul Klugman (medical microbiology)

1992 Mr Carl Heinrich Ahlers (science education); Mr Lawrence Graham Robertson (education); Mr William Macdonald Smith (education); Dr Frans August Korb (psychiatry)

1993 Prof Kristo Pienaar (botany, public understanding of science); Dr Abraham Johannes van Zyl (technical education); Prof Walter Friedrich Wargau (astronomy); Dr Marissa Rollnick (science education)

1994 Mr Gerard A den Dulk (posthumous, service to S2A3); Gencor Development Trust (sponsorship)

1995 Prof J Wolfaardt (service to S2A3); Dr F Kok (service to S2A3)

1996 Mrs Ursula Ortner (posthumous, service to S2A3); Mr Marinus W Wijnbeek (public understanding of science); Mr Gert Frederick (Fritz) van Rooyen (chemistry, advancement of science)

1997 Dr Edmund Glyn Jones (service to S2A3)

1998 Dr Gerhard von Gruenewald (geology, service to S2A3); Prof John D Bradley (science education); Dr Graham Baker (special award, advancement of science)

1999 Prof Geoffrey Falkson (oncology); Prof Willem Oelofsen (service to S2A3); Dr Erla Harden (chemistry); Dr Lajos Vari (entomology)

2000 Mr Hermann Ortner (service to S2A3)

2001 Dr Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman (arachnology); Mr Mike Lawrie (development of the internet in SA); Dr J J Taljaard (meteorology)

2002 Dr Johann Carl (John) Vogel (radiological dating); 50/50 TV series team (knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment); Prof P D Tyson (meteorology); Dr Charles Kimberlin (Bob) Brain (zoology, palaeontology); Prof Will Alexander (civil engineering); Dr Phil C Minnaar (service to S2A3); Prof Govert Cornelis van Drimmelen (service to S2A3)

2003 Mr Mohammed Valli Moosa (conservation of the environment); Prof Gideon Smith (botany); the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (nature conservation); Mrs Shirley Korsman (service to S2A3)

2004 Prof Bruce Robertson (botany, service to S2A3); Prof John Skinner (mammal research)

2006 Dr Ian Raper (service to S2A3)

2009 Prof Casper Schutte (service to S2A3); Mrs Engela van Dyk (service to S2A3); Mrs Renaene van Dyk (service to S2A3); Mr Michael Ortner (service to S2A3); Prof Cornelis Plug (service to S2A3).

2014 Ms Isabel Davies (science education); Mr Arden Meyer (service to S2A3)