S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Evans, Mr W H (oncology)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: 1895, Place not known.

W.H. Evans was an early member of the Natural History Association of Natal (1868-1871). He planned to read a paper to its members later in 1868, "On the circulation of the sap in Nitella translucens", but it was first postponed to April 1869 and then not delivered, as the association struggled to survive. Another of his scientific activities was briefly referred to by Dr J. Schulz* (MD), President of the Natal Microscopical Society, in his presidential address in 1879. After noting that the germ theory of disease was daily gaining ground he said: "It is but right to mention to you here that, based upon his own observations, our fellow townsman, Mr. W.H. Evans, upwards of ten years ago, maintained the germ theory in certain kinds of cancers, of which he made most minute studies."

Several persons named William Henry Evans resided in Durban at this time and it is not clear which of them was the amateur scientist.

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Compiled by: C. Plug