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Du Buisson, Prof Johannes Petrus (agricultural chemistry)

Born: 1882, South Africa.
Died: January 1918, South Africa.

Johannes Petrus du Buisson matriculated at the Public School, Prince Albert, in 1904. Continuing his studies at Victoria College, Stellenbosch, he passed the intermediate examination for the BA degree of the University of the Cape of Good Hope (equivalent to the first year of study) in 1907, but seems not to have completed the degree. He later went to the United States, where he was awarded the degree Master of Science (MSc) by the University of Illinois. While there he wrote a treatise [presumably a dissertation] on The growth of some legumes on both acid and limed soils (University of Illinois, 1914, 48 pp.) He then enrolled at Cornell University, where he obtained a PhD degree with a thesis on The extraction and saturation of soils with volatile antiseptics (Cornell University, 1916, 196 pp.) A paper by him with the same title was published in the journal Soil Science (1917, Vol. 3, pp. 353-392).

Du Buisson returned to South Africa and was appointed as professor in agricultural chemistry at Victoria College in August 1917. However, he died in January the next year.

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Compiled by: C. Plug