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Buckley, Mr A (fossil plant collection)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

Mr. A. Buckley resided in the Eastern Cape and in July 1861 was elected a member of the committee of the Albany Agricultural Society. In September and October 1872 he presented "a fine series of fossil plants from Bushman's Hoek, Stormberg", and samples of coal, at meetings of the Albany Natural History Society (Grahamstown, 1867-1875). This society donated its specimens to the Albany Museum. The fossils consisted of the impressions of plant stems, without nodes, showing some internal structure. The coal samples came from three nearly horizontal seams, located "several hundred feet" below the seams from which high quality coal was obtained some 15-20 km away. He also showed samples of the underlying and overlying rock, and of a nearby dyke, and a plan indicating the positions of the various seams. The coal samples were examined and reported on at the September meeting by B.J. Glanville*, who described them as anthracitic coal from the lower strata of the Stormberg coal fields. As the coals in the vicinity were generally bituminous, the anthracitic quality of the Bushman's Hoek coal was ascribed to the intrusion of the nearby dyke.

List of sources:
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Compiled by: C. Plug