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Rump, Mr William George (plant collection, invertebrate collection)

Born: 1880, Place not known.
Died: 1949, Place not known.

William G. Rump joined the staff of the Natal Museum in 1904 as caretaker and carpenter and held these positions until his death 45 years later. He collected land snails and other invertebrates, including arachnids, insects and Myriapoda, mainly near Pietermaritzburg. Gulella rumpiana (Rump's hunter snail), a rare species found only in the coastal region of northern Pondoland and southern KwaZulu-Natal, was named after him by M. Connolly* in 1932. On the advice of the director of the museum, Dr Ernest Warren*, Rump made extensive collections of the larger fungi, especially in the forests near Pietermaritzburg. He also collected other cryptogams (ferns and mosses) and some flowering plants. His plant specimens went to the National Collection of Fungi of the Plant Protection Research Institute in Pretoria, and the Bews Herbarium of the University of Natal.

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