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Stephens, Mr Samuel Phillip (meteorological observation)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: 1913, Place not known.

S.P. Stephens made meteorological observations for the Indian Meteorological Department at some time during the late nineteenth century. By 1896 he worked in the office of the registrar of natives, Kimberley. During that year he took over responsibility for a second order meteorological station and an evaporation station from H. D'A. F. Harrison*. His observations were reported to the Cape of Good Hope Meteorological Commission and summarised in its annual reports for 1900 to at least 1908. Stephens's station was not the only one in Kimberley; until 1903 J.R. Sutton* also provided observations to the commission from De Beers' first order meteorological station at Kenilworth, Kimberley.

Stephens was listed in the General directory of South Africa as "registrar of natives", residing at 15 Green Street, Kimberley (1903, 1908), and then as "late registrar of natives" with the same address (1909, 1911).

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