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Bowker, Mrs Mary Anne (plant collection)

Born: 1822, Place not known.
Died: 0, South Africa.

Mrs Mary Anne Bowker was the wife of Octavius B. Bowker*. She was born as Mary Anne Stubbs, but was adopted by a Mrs Wilmot, whose name she used as her maiden name. During 1855-1861 she and her husband farmed in the Eastern Cape, and then on the farm "Champagne" near Zastron in the Free State. Mary also accompanied her husband on his gun-selling trips. She collected plants in the Free State and sent a parcel of them via her sister-in-law, Mary E. Barber*, to W.H. Harvey* in Dublin. Harvey thanked her for this interesting parcel in the preface to Volume 3 of the Flora Capensis (1865). Mary Anne died before her husband, that is, before 1899.

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