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Bousquet, Mr J G (mining engineering)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

J.G. Bousquet was appointed mining inspector at Barberton, South African Republic (Transvaal), during the first half of 1896. Later that year he wrote a report on "De tegenwoordige toestand van de goudmijnindustrie in de Kaapformatie van de Lijdenburg-goudvelden" (The current condition of the gold-mining industry in the Cape Formation of the Lydenburg gold-fields). His report was included as an appendix to the annual report of the State Mining Engineer for that year, which was published together with the annual report of the Head of the Mines Department. The next year's annual report included as an appendix an extract from a report he had written on Swaziland (which at that time was administered by the South African Republic).

The State Mining Engineer requested in February 1898 that Bousquet be transferred to Johannesburg. In January 1899 the organisers of the Universal Exhibition (Paris, 1900) asked the Chamber of Mines that Bousquet be chosen as their engineer for the exhibition. He was granted leave for this purpose and left around August 1899. The next month the diplomatic representatives of the Republic in Paris and Brussels proposed to the government that Bousquet be appointed also as the Republic's representative at the International Congress of Mining and Metallurgy to be held in Paris in 1900. In preparation for the exhibition and congress, Bousquet, with the metallurgist J.R. Williams*, chemist S.H. Pearce* and others, published an extensive article on the recovery of gold by means of cyanidation in the Transvaal, in the Bulletin de la Societe de l'industrie. The work was also published as a monograph, titled La cyanuration au Transvaal (1900, 128p). As a result of the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in October 1899 Bousquet does not seem to have returned to South Africa. He is probably the author of two further works, Les richesses minerales des Indes orientales neerlandaises (The mineral wealth of the Dutch East Indies, 1904) and Note sur les legislation minerales des Pays-Bas (Note on the minerals legislation of the Netherlands, 1905).

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