S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Schulz, Dr Julius (medical sciences)

Born: 1823, Germany.
Died: 1891, Durban, South Africa.

Julius Schulz (sometimes Schultz) qualified as Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Berlin, Germany. He emigrated to Natal in 1857 as regimental surgeon to the British German Legion of settlers and was licensed to practise as physician, surgeon, surgeon-accoucheur and surgeon-apothecary in the colony in February 1858. Initially he practiced on his farm at Westville, near Durban, but struggled to make a living. Later he moved to Smith Street, Durban, became police surgeon and health officer to the town and developed a successful practice. He was in medical charge of the Royal Durban Rifles when it was established in 1873 and commenced ambulance classes later that year. In the early eighteen-eighties he was a member of the Port Natal Masonic Lodge. Because hospital facilities were limited he often performed operations at his home, assisted by his wife. They had four sons. The first two, Cecil* and J.A.A. (Aurel)*, learned a great deal about medicine from their father before qualifying as medical doctors in Berlin.

Schulz played an active role in several societies that flourished in Durban during the latter half of the nineteenth century. During the first year of the short-lived Natural History Association of Natal (1868-1871), he was scheduled to read a paper, "On the physiology of the mind", in September. When the Durban Medico-chirurgical Society was formed in 1871 he was one of its eight foundation members. In 1881 he served on the council of the Natal Society. And in 1879 he became one of the founding members of the Natal Microscopical Society (1878-1885) and was elected its president for the first two years. On 22 October 1878 he read a paper before its members on "Results of microscopic examination of water of Little Umhlanga".

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Compiled by: C. Plug