S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Rusch, Mr Ernst Julius (plant collection)

Born: 9 March 1867, Muhlhausen, Germany.
Died: 23 March 1957, Farm Lichtenstein, near Windhoek, Namibia .

Ernst Julius Rusch, farmer and business man, came to Namibia as a volunteer soldier in January 1890. He settled on the Farm Lichtenstein, near Windhoek, where he cultivated succulent plants and later started a nursery. The botanist M.K. Dinter* often visited Rusch and brought him succulents to cultivate. Rusch and his son, Ernst Franz Theodor Rusch (1897-1964) often collected plants together. The vygie genus Ruschia (fam. Aizoaceae) and the species Conophytum ruschi, Dipcadi ernesti-ruschi and Anacampseros ruschii were named in his honour by G. Schwantes and Dinter, while Lithops ruschiorum commemorates both father and son. Specimens collected by the elder Rusch were added to Dinter's herbarium.

List of sources:
Gunn, M. & Codd, L.E. Botanical exploration of southern Africa. Cape Town: Balkema, 1981.

Compiled by: C. Plug