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Reid, P C (exploration, insect collection)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

Percy C. Reid explored parts of Barotseland (a region in the extreme south-west of Zambia) in 1895, in collaboration with Captain Alfred Bertrand* and Major Alfred St Hill Gibbons. They undertook three journeys towards the north and east, each taking a different route from points on the Zambezi River, with the object of filling in a blank space on the map of Africa. Reid described his journey, with a map, in "A journey up the Machili" (a tributary of the Zambezi), in the Geographical Journal (1897, Vol. 9, pp. 143-145). The other two explorers published their accounts in the same issue. Reid collected butterflies in Barotseland, which he presented to the South African Museum, Cape Town, in 1895. Later he published a paper on his "Journeys in the Linyanti region" (south of the Zambezi, in northern Botswana), also in the Geographical Journal (1901, Vol. 17, pp. 573-588).

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