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Blenkinsop, Mr George Henry (mining engineering)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: 1930, South Africa.

George Henry Blenkinsop published "Notes on the Berehavcn copper mines" [in County Cork, Ireland] in the Transactions of the [British] Institution of Mining and Metallurgy in 1904. By 1911 he was active in Mount Ayliff, in the Transkei, and that same year a mineral lease was transferred to him from the Mount Ayliff Development Syndicate, Ltd. [Copper and nickel were being mined sporadically in the nearby mountains.] By 1913 he appears to have settled in the Transvaal, as he published a paper on "Transvaal tin deposits" in the Mining Magazine (London, 1913) and another on "The problem of obtaining healthier conditions by ventilation of the mines of the Rand" in the Journal of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa (1913/4, Vol. 14, pp. 148-151). A few years later he moved to the Western Cape and described "Tin occurrence of the Cape Peninsula and adjoining districts" (South African Mining and Engineering Journal, 1920, Vol. 29, p. 16). He died as a mental patient in the Cape Province in 1930.

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