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Hobson, Mr Edmund) Ernest Roberts (meteorology)

Born: 30 July 1862, Jansenville District, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Died: 26 August 1922, Aberdeen, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

E.R. Hobson delivered a popular lecture, "Observations about rain in South Africa", before the Zwart Ruggens Farmers' Association (presumably at Jansenville, Cape Colony). The lecture was published in the Agricultural Journal of the Cape of Good Hope (Vol. 23, pp. 692-695) in 1903. In 1908 he wrote a general discussion of the South African climate, with special reference to air circulation and dessication, which was also published in the Agricultural Journal (Vol. 33, pp. 461-470), under the title "Weather conditions of South Africa".

The author of these articles is presumably Ernest Roberts Hobson (also Edmund Ernest Roberts Hobson), son of William Carey Hobson and his wife Elizabeth, born Roberts. He was first married to Maria Nuttal and later to Margaret Medley.

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