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Higson, Mr G S (geology)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

G.S. Higson visited the diamond fields of Griqualand West around 1870. Near present Kimberley he pointed out to F.A. Hubner* the difference in age between the agate-bearing amygdaloidal greenstone and the younger, darker greenstone; also that the shales there were underlain by claystone-porphyry (now recognised as Dwyka tillite). Upon his return to Britain he gave a lecture on "Diamonds and gold at the Cape" before the Royal Society of Arts in 1870. It was published in the society's Journal (Vol. 18, pp. 757-760) that same year, but contains little of geological interest. This is unfortunate, as Hubner's account of their meeting suggests that he was a keen observer. Higson is not known to have produced any other scientific papers or books.

This Higson may possibly be George Septimus Higson, partner with Henry K. Crofs in the Orange Free State firm Crofs and Higson, which was declared insolvent in 1860.

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