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Baguley, Mr Allan (agricultural chemistry)

Born: March 1874, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
Died: 2 January 1935, Llandegfan, Anglesey, United Kingdom.

Allan Baguley, agricultural chemist, was the son of Joseph W. Baguley and his wife Janet. He qualified as Bachelor of Science (BSc) through the University of Wales and in due course was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry. By 1912 he was affiliated with the University College of North Wales at Bangor (one of the constituent colleges of the University of Wales) and published a paper on "The phosphate nutrition of plants" in the Journal of Agricultural Science (1912).

Two years later Baguley had moved to Johannesburg and became a member of the South African Association of Analytical Chemists (from 1921 named the South African Chemical Institute). In April 1917 he read a paper titled "Some considerations on fertility of soils" before the Association. It dealt mainly with the effects of organisms and water soluble salts in soil and was published in the first issue of the Journal of the Association (1918, Vol. 1(1), pp. 8-12). Two further papers by him, both on fertilizers, were published in the same journal in 1919.

Baguley was no longer a member of the South African Chemical Institute by 1934. He had moved to Wales, where he died the next year. He was survived by his wife, Mary Hannah Baguley, born Cookson, but had no children.

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