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Hammond, Mr Frederick Arthur (meteorology)

Born: 22 September 1853, Warwick, United Kingdom.
Died: 27 May 1910, Durban, South Africa.

Frederick Arthur ('Fred') Hammond, son of Reverend Anthony Hammond and his wife Harriet Charlotte, born Beresford, was educated at Cheltenham College in Gloucestershire, England. He married Laura ('Trew') Gray (or Grey) on 20 April 1876 and they had at least five children. He came to Natal in 1882. On 1 October 1894 he was appointed as meteorological assistant at the Natal Observatory in Durban, where he was trained by the government astronomer, E.N. Nevill*. His duties included regular meteorological observations at the Natal Observatory, their reduction and tabulation, and processing of the observations submitted by inland stations, of which there were already 28 by 1895. The results were summarised in Nevill's annual reports. Hammond remained in his post until his death in 1910.

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