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Green, Reverend T W (archaeology)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

Reverend T. Green resided at Bodiam, Eastern Cape, a settlement some 10 km upstream from the mouth of the Keiskamma River. From there, in 1870, he presented the Albany Museum, Grahamstown, with a collection of stone arrow heads and flakes, some on agate, and mullers (grinding stones) in the form of rolled sandstone pebbles. He is presumably the same person as Reverend T.W. Green of the Anglican Church of the Province of South Africa, who was later stationed at Matatiele (near the border between Natal and the Transkei), which at that time was part of the church's diocese of St John, Kaffraria. In 1892 he applied for a site at Matatiele for a native church, and in 1902 applied for a site at J. Madlangla's location in the Matatiele district for a church and a school. In 1898, while residing at Matatiele, he presented one more stone artefact from the Peddie District and specimens of "heavy spar and calcspar" to the Albany Museum. The "heavy spar" was probably baryte (natural barium sulphate), for that same year he donated barytes from the Peddie region to the South African Museum, Cape Town. The next year he sent a "stone axehead of unusual shape" from near Matatiele to the South African Museum.

Green wrote an article on "Bushman paintings", which was published in 1896 in Belangrijke historische documenten (No. 2, pp. 7-8), edited by G.M. Theal. It described rock paintings in the valley of the Qutuba River [not identified]. He was stationed at Matatiele until 1910, but the next year had been transferred to Berlin, Eastern Cape.

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