2 March 2011: Linda Prinsloo, Department of Physics, University of Pretoria. A laser unravels the secrets of San rock art

6 April 2011:  Andrzej Kijko, Director of the Aon Benfield Natural Hazard Centre, Africa, University of Pretoria. Tsunamis

7 April 2011: S2A3 and Royal Society of South Africa Lecture: William J Schopf [awarded the DSc [h.c.]  on 5 April 2011: University of Pretoria Autumn Graduation ceremonies]. The Earliest History of Life: Solution to Darwin’s Dilemma

4 May 2011: Caroline Yetman, University of Pretoria. Giant Bullfrogs.

1 June 2011: Werner H. Gries, Honorary Professor, Department of Physics, University of Pretoria.Can the Mind-Body Problem be solved? Reflections on the emergence of mind from matter.  A paper related to his talk, entitled Traditional thinking, physical science, and the brain: an essay about a “Parallel-Systems Mind Model” is available at UPSpace, http://hdl.handle.net/2263/16600

15 June 2011: Ruhann Steyn. Lunar eclipse viewing evening.

3 August 2011: Leonie Joubert, Science Writer. Talking hunger: the food security "lens" moves into the city. (Presented in association with SAASTA and the Sci-Enza as part of National Science Week.)

14 September 2011: Wladyslaw Altermann; Kumba-Exxaro Chair in Geodynamics, University of Pretoria. The stratigraphic significance of life for the Precambrian Eon.

12 October 2011: Marelize van Wyk, Medical Scientist in the Centre for Opportunistic, Tropical and Hospital-acquired Infections, National Institute for Communicable Diseases. Cryptococcus: an underestimated fungal pathogen of humans in Africa.