6 March 2013: Dr. M.A. Coccia-Portugal. Evolution of Breast Cancer Management in the Last Four Decades.

10 April 2013: Henry Throop. NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto

8 May 2013: Hendrik Smith,  National Conservation Agriculture Facilitator, Grain SA. Conservation Agriculture

31 July 2013: Les Underhill, Director: Animal Demography Unit, UCT. MammalMAP (Presented in association with SAASTA and the Sci-Enza as part of the National Science Week.)

4 September 2013: Ina Plug, Professor Extraordinarius, UNISA. The Secrets of Bones.

9 October 2013: Andrew Forbes, Chief Researcher, National Laser Centre,
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.  The world’s first digital laser. The slides of the talk are available for download.

6 November 2013: Konstantinos Zoubos, Professor in Physics, University of Pretoria :   The Higgs Boson: A triumph for particle physics. The slides of the talk are available for download (15 MB).

7 November 2013: Prof Maarten de Wit presented the Marloth Commemorative Lecture.  Apartheid Science from the South African Point of View within the Scientific World-Picture of Today: Toward that Better World.